The Scotch category is on fire with no signs of being extinguished. Producers are rising to meet this ever-growing demand with seemingly endless creativity and innovative bottles; arguably at the forefront of this wave of innovation is Glenmorangie’s Director of Distilling, Dr. Bill Lumsden (more commonly referred to in the industry as simply  “Dr. Bill”). As the only person to have ever won the International Spirits Challenge prestigious ‘Master Distiller of the Year’ award twice, Dr. Bill has elevated Glenmorangie (and sister distillery Ardbeg) to new levels of greatness during his tenure and is constantly experimenting with new concepts—the very best of which may be bottled for the market. But enough backstory: today we are thrilled to be able to offer our fellow Scotch fanatics first dibs on Dr. Bill’s newest limited edition creation and first-ever single estate whisky, The Cadboll Estate 15 Year. 


This 15-year Single Malt is crafted exclusively from Cadboll single-estate barley, grown in the fields directly surrounding the Glenmorangie distillery. Though it’s tempting to jump right into barrel provenance and aging regimens, what happens before the aging is getting more and more attention, and for good reason. Years ago, Dr. Bill set his sights on capturing “the essence of Glenmorangie’s homeland in a grain-to-glass single malt. First, he chose barley to be planted on the estate land surrounding the distillery. When it was harvested, he chose exactly how the grain would be dried and malted. In 2004, [...] Dr. Bill used that bespoke malt to distill a uniquely creamy spirit” (Glenmorangie). Glenmorangie’s stills are the highest in Scotland, and this increased exposure to the purifying effects of copper during distillation produces a floral, fruit-driven spirit that’s amazingly graceful and light on the palate. The Cadboll Estate has the characteristic Glenmorangie finesse, and has been softened substantially by the 15 years in hand-selected, first-fill American White Oak ex-Bourbon barrels. The flavors envelop the palate in a layered decadence of honeycomb, whipped cream, pear, and hints of white chocolate. This whisky is luscious and incredibly opulent, with a smooth finish that culminates with notes of toasty oak and vanilla.


This new limited edition will only be available for the North American market, and won’t hit the shelves until March 2020. Glenmorangie has been producing benchmark Highland Scotches since 1843, but Dr. Bill continues to raise the bar with his avant-garde styles, perfectly showcased by The Cadboll Estate 15 Year. With Concierge pricing below $85 on a 15-year-old whisky, this is a no-brainer for Scotch and whisky collectors. Don’t miss the opportunity to be among the first to collect this single-estate Single Malt at a special Concierge price!



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