Over the years we’ve been incredibly fortunate to secure many highly anticipated releases from Glenmorangie, and we’re proud to say we’ve done it again! Along with all our single malt collectors, we’ve been eagerly anticipating Glenmorangie’s release of the Extremely Rare 18-Year limited-edition bottling by Azuma Makoto. If you’ve not had the pleasure of experiencing Glenmorangie 18-Year, you can expect a decadent profile that combines notes of honey, dates, fig, and soft floral scents with the softest hint of wood smoke. The limited-edition design is stunning in its own right: botanical sculptor Azuma Makoto’s label design comprises nearly 100 blooms, “reimagining the tastes of this dazzling, luminous 18-year-old whisky through the language of flowers” (Glenmorangie). Today is your chance to collect this whisky (at a special Concierge price) before it hits stores—but don’t delay! Our allocation is limited and we expect to sell out quickly. 


With an incredibly lengthy list of accolades and awards, Glenmorangie and Ardbeg’s Director of Distilling Dr. Bill Lumsden has won the distinguished ‘Master Distiller of the Year’ title from the annual International Whisky Competition a record-breaking four times, and is also the only person to have ever won the International Spirits Challenge prestigious ‘Master Distiller of the Year’ award twice. With a self-proclaimed “low boredom threshold,” Dr. Bill’s mind seems to be always spinning with new ideas to invigorate the world of single malts. 


Today’s limited edition first aged for 15 years in American White Oak ex-Bourbon cask, at which point 30% of the distillate was transferred to ex-Oloroso sherry cask for a three-year maturation; the remaining 70% completed its maturation in the ex-Bourbon barrel before the two were married back together. The distillery likens this whisky to an autumn afternoon, and the analogy fits. The whisky maintains the bright, floral character for which Glenmorangie has become known, but a gorgeous complexity comes from the extended aging process, adding nuances of honey, caramelized orange, and cinnamon spice. The whisky is magnificent, but the Azuma Makoto design takes this collector’s item to the next level. Don’t miss your opportunity to add this edition to your home bar!



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