Why Buy: Mastery meets rarity in these limited-edition, artfully-casked single malts from The GlenAllachie’s Billy Walker, a 2021 inductee into the Icons of Whisky Hall of Fame. The legendary Master Distiller is deft in his use of casking to deepen and amplify a single malt without ever losing sight of its soul.

What They're Saying: The Tasting Table selected the 2012 Vintage Cuvée Wine Cask Finish as one of "The 13 Best 2023 Whiskeys So Far," describing the drinking experience as akin to "sitting on a summer midday in the garden while fireworks go off all around you."

The Story: Walker’s 50+ years experience in the industry have endowed him with an unerring palate. These two single malts, each an installment in one of Walker's passion project series, are a showcase of his expertise at blending. To produce them, Walker works with niche producers from around the world, sourcing small batches of outstanding casks – his eye, as ever, on the exact right nuances that will bring out the best in his single malts. The 2012 Vintage Cuvée Wine Cask Finish was produced by first aging The GlenAllachie’s single malt in ex-bourbon casks and then assigning a portion to one of four different wine barriques for secondary maturation: two from Premier Cru Classé châteaux in Bordeaux, one from Languedoc, and one from Valpolicella. The 13 Years Old Madeira Wood Finish was matured for over eleven years in American oak barrels, before being transferred into madeira barriques that previously held wine made from Malvasia grapes – among the richer of the Madeira styles. 

The Specs: Only 3,000 bottles of the 2012 Vintage Cuvée Wine Cask Finish and a little over 3,700 bottles of the 13 Years Old Madeira Wood Finish were made available to the U.S. Both were un-chill-filtered, with no coloring added.

Our Tasting Notes: Walker's use of multiple wines – and with that, multiple barriques – has worked magic on the 2012 Vintage Cuvée Wine Cask Finish: this is a 9-year that tastes significantly older to us, and without the over-oaking that is sometimes a byproduct of a younger age statement. We love the floral notes that leap out of the glass, the notes of dark chocolate, almonds, orange zest, and licorice on the palate, and, above all, the texture – silken but not overly coating. The 13 Years Old Madeira Wood Finish makes good on the promise of its deep, golden color. The nose brings wave after wave of apricots, plantains, peaches, and pineapples, and those notes are carried through on the palate and into the finish. An exceedingly smooth, rich, drinkable single malt that will have you immediately pouring another two fingers.

ABV: Both single malts are 48% (96 proof).

Fun Fact: Billy Walker isn't just the Master Distiller at The GlenAllachie; he is also an owner, having purchased the distillery (with partners Trisha Savage and Graham Stevenson) in 2017.


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