Far off the beaten path in southwestern France lies the AOC of Cahors, most well-known as the birth place of Malbec. The wines here require at least 70% Malbec in the blend. Though fabled to once have been enjoyed by royalty and clergy in the middle ages, Cahors has always lived under the shadow of their prestigious neighbor Bordeaux. While in the 1700s the Bordelaise adapted the use of Malbec to add color and depth to their wine, they blocked Cahors from using the sea ports until all of their own wines were sold. But the misfortunes of Cahors didn’t end there. In the late 1860s, Phylloxera ravaged the appellation and in the mid-1900s frosts killed off nearly all the vines. Many vineyards were abandoned and taken over by trees. Often considered overly tannic and austere, it seemed that there was not much hope left for Cahors.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Malbec, introduced to Argentina in the mid-1800s, was thriving and creating a lot of buzz. By the mid-2000s Malbec became synonymous with Argentina. With consumption of Malbec at an all-time high, it wasn’t long before the interests in Cahors started coming back. Investments were made back into the nearly forgotten appellation, sparking an energy and excitement that hasn’t been there seen since… well, the middle ages?? There is a new generation of winemakers in Cahors that has accepted the fact that without change, the survival of the appellation would be in jeopardy. Honoring their own history and traditions while looking to the New World for inspiration, Bertrand-Gabriel Vigouroux of Chateau de Mercues brought in world-renowned consulting winemaker and expert in Argentinian Malbec, Paul Hobbs, starting in 2009. Together they were able to coax more fruit out of the grapes and tame down the tannins making these wines extremely food friendly and flat out delicious. Upon tasting the 2014 Malbec de Cahors, we knew that this was perfect for a “Roll Out the Barrel” offer.
So today we are offering the 92-point 2014 Chateau de Mercues Malbec de Cahors at an incredible price. Save up to 25% on a 12-pack case bringing the price down to under $17 per bottle!  It’ll be hard to find another wine this good at a price this low.



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