Why Buy: Five exceptional single vineyard wines from one of the world's preeminent estates, the winery that revolutionized Italian wine and set it on its present course. But GAJA is not just some museum piece, stuck in the past; it lives and breathes, and continues, remarkably, to find new energy and to innovate as it evolves. As you'll find in these uncompromising, singular expressions, which show a tremendous varietal purity and superlative terroir character, along with the unsurpassed balance and refinement that built the GAJA name.


The Story: Angelo Gaja has long been a figure of controversy in the wine world — even within his own family, with his winemaking father famously taking him to task. He broke from tradition, often flamboyantly, with his techniques and practices (including aging the wines in French oak barriques, using temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, and issuing single-vineyard releases), and he was not shy, either, about telling the world what he had done. Italian winemakers and producers regarded him with skepticism and even hostility. But time has proven this fifth-generation Piedmontese winemaker to be less a provocateur than a prophet, and his methods are now broadly practiced throughout not just the Langhe, but in many regions of Italy.


Our Tasting Notes: Angelo Gaja is often called the "undisputed king of Barbaresco," and the 2021 vintage more than lives up to its maker's lofty reputation; this is Barbaresco as it was meant to be: earthy and dense, with a driving intensity and a gorgeous generosity of expression. And it's as long as it is soft, sending you home on clouds. Sito Moresco is a ground-breaking blend of Nebbiolo and Barbera; its coloration is atypical for a Nebbiolo, but it exudes the delicacy, expressiveness, and sneaky power of the grape – backed by the Barbera, which brings great intensity and length. The DaGromis Barolo finds the seam between old-school classicism and fleshy exuberance, and is all the more winning for it; a plush and pleasing wine that is deserving both of soulful contemplation and of hearty indulgence with friends. The two whites – the Alteni di Brassica Langhe 2022 and the Gaia Rey Langhe DOP 2022, a Chardonnay – are every bit as sophisticated as the reds, and are textbook examples of clarity, definition, and elegance


Fun Fact: Gaja's neighbors remember the 21-year-old Gaja as a restless, impatient man who, according to a Wine Spectator profile, drove tractors on Barbaresco's narrow, country road as if "they were sports cars."


Our Guarantee: We always buy and source directly from the estate, so rest assured: your wines will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Order yours today!


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