The wait it over! The encore to the sensational first batch Huerta Singular release, today’s 2018 ‘Las Antenas,’ is a legendary addition to Fuenteseca’s Single Huerta lineup. Since the first Single Huerta release—which was met with overwhelming praise, awarded 96 points and named 2019 ‘Best Blanco Tequila’—we’ve been waiting with bated breath for the follow-up. The Huerta Singular bottles are only produced in exceptional vintages, and the 2018 ‘Las Antenas’ is only the second release in a decade from this legendary producer. This rare single orchard, single harvest, rested vintage, high-proof Blanco Tequila comes the Michoacán state and is produced from overripe Highland Pinto Blue Weber agave grown at 5,019’ elevation in the rugged, mineral-laden caliche soil of Vista Hermosa Michoacán, the southernmost region within the D.O. 


Though the Mezcal boom has introduced adventurous drinkers to the variety that can come from agave varietals like Espadin, Tobala and Cuixe, there’s a reason why Blue Agave has remained king. The steadfast nature of Tequila, with its unique ability to appeal to a large audience while taking on a broad range of flavors depending on where it’s grown and how it’s matured, has reinforced its superiority in the market. However, owner Enrique Fonseca has taken tequila connoisseurship to another level. With the belief that terroir is an absolute factor in the Blue Agave fields of Jalisco, Enrique began distilling individual parcels of agave separately, with the goal of producing an exceptional single-site Tequila. As the largest single owner of agave in Mexico, he has searched for the most inspiring characteristics of Tequila from the variety of agave sites he owns throughout Jalisco. After years of trials, he discovered the brilliance he was looking for in what has been deemed a “Grand Cru” of tequila.


With the first release coming from ‘El Maguey,’ a site located in south Atotonilco, today’s ‘Las Antenas’ highlights a singular terroir from an unexplored region at the edge of Lake Chapala. Grown in the mineral-laden caliche soils of vista Hermosa in Michoacán, the agave is left to ripen in the field, resulting in an ultraripe “pinto.” Akin to tasting some of the great single vineyards in the world, this is one of the best Blanco Tequilas available. Notes of “crushed minerals: granite, calcium and limestone, which conspire to yield an almost Chablis like character, giving to subtle notes of brine and honeysuckle…the palate is silky and refined, fading into lime blossom, barro, and fresh herbs…framed by crushed minerals, which are washed over in citrus. The finish exhibits stunning precision and elegance, bringing a tinge of sweetness and lingering minerality” (Wyatt Peabody, LA Times). A hedonistic and unaltered tequila, this is a limited release you don’t want to miss!



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