For those of us who love Tuscany, Frescobaldi is pretty much the perfect winemaker, turning out wines of exceptional power and grace year after year. And with the 2016 vintage of their famed Castelgiocondo Ripe al Convento Riserva, Frescobaldi literally produced the perfect wine..

Decanter's 100-point review called it "lifted and sophisticated, powerful but poised. What a wine! Amazing potential here. It gives you the chills tasting a wine like this."

Chills. When was the last time a wine gave you chills?

But then, Frescobaldi has been wowing us for as far back as we can remember. 

In large part, because it has always insisted on doing things the right way, which is to say, the slow, time-honored way. 

With the 2016 vintage — an historic one for Italian wine — experience, knowhow, artistry, time, and Mother Nature all coalesced to produce a legend.

Frescobaldi has long been blessed with several natural advantages, from the high altitude of its vineyards in southwest Montalcino to the rich Galestro soils, concentrated with schist and the envy of many a winemaker in Italy. But it takes more than promising raw material to produce wines of depth and consequence. To preserve the work of that enviable terroir, namely the purity and character of the grapes, all harvesting is done by hand, and fermentation occurs in stainless steel tanks (and at a controlled temperature), with frequent pump-overs. 

And that purity and character is on full display here.

This is a Brunello of infinite complexity and mystery — a wine to sit with and watch unfold, as you while away the night with friends. Massive, rich, mouth-filling ... but also clearly delineated and richly detailed.

We hope you revel in this literal taste of perfection, and find many hours of pure drinking pleasure. 

We're featuring it for one week only, though, so act now and grab this taste of perfection from one of Tuscany's oldest and finest.



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