Why Buy: Frapin belongs to that exceedingly rare class of what might be called "grower Cognac" producers — those artisanally-minded makers who grow their own grapes, vinify their own wine, distill to their own specifications, and bottle for themselves, and who elevate character over consistency. And this bottling — the 100th anniversary edition of Fontpinot XO — is the only Cognac that can lay claim to the château appellation. Why? Because it's made exclusively from grapes that were harvested, distilled, aged, and bottled at the Château Fontpinot. An extraordinary expression of the power and beauty of artisanality from an extraordinary label — a going concern for, yes, three-quarters of a millennium.

What They're Saying: Fontpinot XO has long been a critical darling, and in recent years it has only burnished its vast reputation, taking home awards for Best Cognac at the 2022 Cognac Masters, and Gold Medals at the 2021 International Spirits Challenge and 2020 International Wine & Spirits Competition.

The Story: Frapin remains the very definition of — indeed, the apotheosis of — single estate Cognac. We are talking, after all, about an estate that has been in existence since before the end of the Crusades. Astonishing as that fact is, it might be even more stunning to consider that it has remained in the family the entire time, with 21 generations passing down the time-honored methods. And the Frapins remain, not merely involved in operations, but rigorously hands-on in every step of a laborious, detailed process, from tending the vines to winemaking to distillation to aging. 


Specs: Greatness in Cognac is a matter, first, of great terroir. Frapin's 600-plus acre estate is located in the heart of the Grande Champagne appellation, the premier cru de Cognac. No grapes nor eau de vie are ever bought/sold. Distillation takes place as it has for centuries, on the lees on one of six copper pot stills. The average age of a Fontpinot XO is over 20 years old, a rarity in the world of Cognac. Also rare: the fact that no additives were used.

Our Tasting Notes: A generous and sublimely luxurious slow-sipper, from the complex, floral bouquet to the rich and seamless palate, with its subtle, trailing notes of "rancio," a smoky undercurrent that only the very old Cognacs exhibit. The finish is long and full, and so complete in itself that you're made to sit in contemplation and wonder for several moments before taking another sip.


ABV: 41%.

Fun Fact: What else was going on in the world when Frapin opened for business in the 1270s? Well, Marco Polo sat down with Kublai Khan, Thomas Aquinas penned his Summa Theologica, and the Byzantine-Venetian Treaty was ratified.

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so you can be confident that your Cognac will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Don't hesitate to secure yours today!


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