Why Buy: "To drink Foursquare Rum, one must only possess a dream of tasting some of the finest things that money can buy." So wrote Forbes some years ago, and the words hold true today. And this remarkable bottling, from their Exceptional Cask Selection series, is a testament to the growing legend of this three-time winner of Producer of the Year at the International Spirits Challenge: a high-octane (120 proof), 12-year, single-blended Barbados rum aged entirely in ex-bourbon barrels. Gorgeousness in the glass. And heads-up, folks: Foursquare rums, when we get them, don’t stick around long, so best to jump on this now.

Specs: The rum is a blend of both artisanal pot and traditional twin column Coffey-distilled molasses rums.

Tropical Aging vs. Traditional Aging: Because they are matured in the tropical climate of Barbados, the rums undergo a process that the industry terms "tropical aging." Essentially, a single year in a still in the tropics is akin to two years in a barrel in a more temperate clime. Or, to put it in other words: a 12-year rum, aged in the tropics, may be properly thought of as a 24-year rum.

The Story: Anyone given to thinking of rum as a sweet drink/mixer and not in the company of bourbon, whiskey, gin, and others would find themselves disabused of that notion with just a single, savoring sip of one of Master Distiller and Blender Richard Seale's extraordinary Foursquare rums. In the purest expressions of rum, you won’t find any kind of manipulation in the process, and no additives or coloring are ever employed. And should these expressions be brought to maturity, and blended by an expert craftsman like Seale, they are as magically complex as any spirits in the world. Seale's roots run deep in Barbados — the Seales can trace their line back to the 1650s, and Foursquare began producing sugar and molasses on its estate in the 1730s — and his knowledge of rum and rum history is unparalleled in the industry

Our Tasting Notes: The nose is beguiling as it is alluring, opening with caramelized grapefruit, dark cocoa, butterscotch, clove, and allspice, then morphing into notes of sandalwood, brine, overripe pineapple, candied banana, and molasses, with hints, in the background, of apricot and plums. The palate is big, expressive, and rich, serving up, amid the almost unctuous unfolding, an array of tropical fruits and dried berries; there is an intricacy here, too, a kind of embroidered quality, with notes of black tea, citrus peel, and baking spices all making themselves felt. The finish is dry and lengthy, with a marvelous and subtle tannic quality.

ABV: 60% (120 proof), with no color, sugar, or artificial flavors added.

Fun Fact: Foursquare ferments its rums for 44 hours, according to the website Spirit Academy, in four 40,000 liter cuvées.

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so you can be confident that your rum will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Don't hesitate to secure yours today!


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