Why Buy: A delicious new bourbon from Rare Character Whiskey Co., fresh off its award for Best Special Barrel-Finished Whiskey at the 2023 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco and a coronation from Uproxx as the #1 Rye Whiskey of 2022. This is a cask-strength, 6+-year-aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon with a retro soul that eschews the easy sweetness that too many bourbon makers fall for and drinks with the maturity of a much older age-statement

The Story: Who is Pablo Moix, the man behind the bourbon? In a past life, Punch magazine said he had assembled, at his Venice Beach speakeasy, "a liquid Fort Knox that rivals any drinking den in the country, possibly the world." It was a short and perhaps inevitable hop from that life to "dusty hunting," the pursuit of dusties, or old, rare bottles in the backrooms of distilleries or languishing at estate sales, and being profiled by The New York Times as a "pioneer." Two years ago, Moix embarked on another life, joining forces with Peter Nevenglosky to leverage the pair's extensive network of connections, deep knowledge of the industry, and keen eye for high quality. Thus was Rare Character Whiskey Co. born. Its mission: to provide a proper home for rare and forgotten barrels of rye, bourbon, and whiskey, which Moix and Nevenglosky acquire, re-barrel, and age. With admirable patience, and thanks to their highly-honed palates, they turn these promising barrels into expressions of soulful character and extraordinary complexity. 

Our Tasting Notes: A bit of a throwback, to a time when bourbon makers trusted their own palates more. That's not to say that this is a bourbon that's full of quirks and surprises, like an old house with unexpected passages or hidden doors. It’s more to say it doesn't come across as something that was focus-grouped to a common denominator of taste. Its aromatics are mature and subtle, suggestive of an older age-statement, and the palate, rich and almost silken, delivers washes of chocolate, caramel, and orange without ever becoming syrupy. We loved its finish, which asserts a distinct rye character, and carries you home on notes of leather and spice

ABV: As we await final bottling, and, with it, final specs, Rare Character Whiskey Co. has indicated that this will be clocking in at around 120 proof, depending on the final distillation.

Fun Fact: Fortuna is a loving homage — a resurrection, of sorts, of a label, launched in Louisville, Kentucky, by a German immigrant, Phil Hollenbach, and bearing the tagline "A Taste of Good Fortune." Fortuna had a robust run of it from the 1880s into the 1960s, when the whiskey industry as a whole began to crater.

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so you can be confident that your bourbon will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Don't hesitate to secure yours today!


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