Why Buy: If you love Champagne and sparkling wine, but have yet to avail yourself of the incredible, terroir-focused sparkling wines of Franciacorta, then you owe it to yourself. Softer, and generally made with riper fruit, they ultimately defy comparison. And these two expressions, from the great Ferghettina, in northern Lombardy, are as rich, sinuous, and exciting as its legions of dedicated, passionate followers around the world have come to expect.

The Story: Satèn – the word means "silk," in Italian – emerged in the early 1980s as an entirely new classification in Franciacorta: a sparkling wine made exclusively from white grapes that combined an "innovative slow bottle fermentation" with "significantly lower bottle pressure" (in this case, 4.5 ATM as opposed to 6.5-7 ATM) to produce a distinctive and delightful creaminess, along with a kind of bready complexity. Ferghettina's is among the very finest of the region – the very essence, we think, of Satèn. The estate also makes a more traditional Rosé Brut, though even here you will taste the qualities that distinguish it from its French counterparts. 

The Specs: The Satèn DOCG is produced with 100% Chardonnay (sourced from no less than 20 different vineyards, all of them owned by the winery); the Rosé Brut, with 100% Pinot Noir.

Our Tasting Notes: You simply have to taste the Satèn to appreciate its smoothness, its richness, its utter velvetyness. This is a wine to keep on hand at all times – an incredible conversation piece and a crowd-pleaser par excellence. The Rosé Brut impressed us from the start with its charm and delicacy, but this first impression did not tell the entire story: this is a wine of substance and depth, with a savory character that added an unexpected gravitas and a very long, fine finish.

Fun Fact: Monks were among Franciacorta's earliest winemakers, and in fact the region was named for the tax-free communities that were created to attract and accommodate them (franchae curtes, in Latin). 

What to Pair Them With: Fish and seafood are the natural partners of the Satèn, as well as risottos and nearly any dish where cheese is showcased; the Rosé Brut will work wonders with seared duck breast, shrimp salad, and salmon (particularly smoked or pan-roasted).

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so rest assured: your sparkling wines will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Order yours today!


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