Why Buy: A jaw-droppingly delicious single-cask Calvados, aged for — count 'em — 46 years, from Eric Bordelet, the former sommelier of the Michelin three-star L'Arpege and the man renowned far and wide as the maker of the best hard cider in the world. Bordelet spent three years persuading his mentor, Patrice Delaunay (whose orchard, with its vast and varied array of apples, is located near Bordelet's ancestral estate in Normandy) to let him bottle the contents of one of the man's oldest and most revered barrels, and we are privileged to be able to bring you the result, a stunning and singular elixir.

The Story: It’s often said that in the world of aged cider, there is Eric Bordelet, and then there is everyone else. The best of the best of that hard cider finds its way into Bordelet's Calvados, one of the greatest experiences to be had in all the world of spirits. He isn’t often given to showcasing the handiwork of others, but he made a rare exception in this case, knowing that it would only ennoble the Bordelet name. With this rare bottling, his business acumen has proven as exceptional as his extraordinary palate.

The Method: What makes a Calvados from Bordelet so hauntingly memorable? For one, he espouses a philosophy that is as purist as they come. Also, as exacting. He insists on minimal intervention and the use of natural yeasts only, and will not abide by chaptalization (the "correction" of a wine or spirit through the use of additives or sugar), filtration, or coloration

Specs: Made from Normandy apples that were sourced nearly five decades ago and distilled on a small, mobile column, this single cask Calvados spent most of its life in a thousand-liter barrel in a damp cellar before being moved into smaller barrels.

Our Tasting Notes: A Calvados, quite simply, like no other. From the first nosing of the glass, with its profoundly intense, woven aromatics, to the surpassingly rich, smooth palate to the long, resonant finish, this is a journey of a brandy, in which fruit and spice, power and elegance, are held in delicate and glorious balance.

Fun Fact: Most of the apples and pears in a Bordelet Calvados are heirloom varieties of pre-French Revolution provenance.

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so you can be confident that your Calvados will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Secure yours today!


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