Piedmont is in its Golden Age, and while the term may be “used and overused...there really is no better way to describe Piedmont today” (Antonio Galloni, Vinous). Nearly half of the previous 10 or so vintages have been stellar, with many producers just now releasing their breathtaking 2017 Barolos. Among the elite set is Elvio Cogno, the celebrated producer who is uniquely credited with bringing prestige to one of Barolo’s forgotten crus, Ravera. In 1990, Cogno left a long, successful partnership with acclaimed Barolo producer Marcarini to purchase vineyard land near Bricco Ravera and found his namesake winery. Thanks to years of dedicated restoration and terroir-focused winemaking, the Cogno portfolio today has grown to include some of the region’s most pure, elegant, and age-worthy expressions of Nebbiolo. In addition to today’s spectacular 2017 Cogno Barolo releases we have two 92-point values from 2019, a red and white, that are drinkable now and simply not to be missed—especially with our special mix-and-match pricing! 

Current winemaker and son-in-law to the late Elvio Cogno, Valter Fissore explains, “the Ravera Cru was overlooked because for decades the grape growers in Novello sold the grapes and did not produce their own wines. And, the owners of the best Ravera vineyards at the time were lawyers and they were not so interested in making Ravera Cru wines.” Cogno’s belief in the potential of this site was not misplaced, however, and today the site has become recognized for wines with incredible energy and precision. Barolo has historically been known for blending Nebbiolo from different vineyards, and though there has been a rising focus on more site specificity among new-wave producers, there are still only a handful of winemakers using different clonal selections within Piedmont. Fissore is a leading member of this small set: within one vineyard site, he has been growing four different Nebbiolo clones, on four different parcels, with four different climatic exposures, to expose the distinct taste profiles the same grape can achieve even within a single site. 

It is never easy to break winemaking tradition, but some of the most noteworthy producers of our time are the ones brave enough to break the status quo. Elvio Cogno’s wines are charismatic, distinct, and incredibly pure—the future of Piedmont looks bright thanks to producers like this. We’ve sourced two of Cogno’s stunning 2017 releases: the flagship ‘Ravera’ that first put the winery on the wine world’s radar and the profound ‘Cascina Nuova’ that far and away overdelivers its modest price tag. Additionally, we have Cogno’s ‘Montegrilli,’ which showcases the purity of the Nebbiolo grape by foregoing the use of wood ageing (a wine of incredible value considering that fruit from Ravera is used) as well as the impeccably balanced and deliciously complex ‘Anas-Cëtta’—a white produced from the Nascetta grape that “always turns heads” (Monica Larner, Wine Advocate). No matter your palate or wallet, Elvio Cogno has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on mix-and-match pricing on these knockout wines, available for one week only!



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