With more than 200 years of distilling history on Scotland’s Orkney Islands, it is easy to see why Highland Park has become one of the most respected single malts around. Named "The Best Spirit in the World" on three separate occasions by F. Paul Pacult, “America's foremost expert on distilled spirits” (Forbes), Highland Park certainly has a well-deserved reputation—there is simply no other Scotch quite like it. The rich complex character is "totally in harmony, there are no rough edges and everything is melded together brilliantly" (F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal), making it perhaps one of the greatest all-around Scotch whiskies. It's this balance that makes it extremely versatile—something that can both inspire the single malt enthusiast and quickly win the heart of those who aren't necessarily "into" Scotch. Add in its superb ability to enhance a large array of cocktails or just as easily be enjoyed neat, Highland Park is an absolute must-have for any household.

Lying outside of the five major whisky regions, the islands of Orkney stand proudly apart, offering a true "terroir" to this island whisky. Known for its distinctly rich, smoky, floral character, this sense of place comes from the peat used to dry their malted barley. Overlooking the ocean, the beautiful heather-covered hills of Hobbister Moor is the source of this ancient peat. Comprised of compacted layers of plants and heather (some over 9000 years old), the peat is hand cut and left to dry over the summer months. The varying layers of texture and aroma is essential in giving Highland Park its unique taste and character. Once burned in their ancient kilns, the dense, woodless peat slowly imparts a complex, sweet floral aroma that makes Highland Park whiskies so distinct.

However, today's offer is not just any Highland Park, but two, one-of-a-kind offerings from independent bottler Duncan Taylor. With 80 years of history as a broker, blender, bottler and cask expert, Duncan Taylor has built a reputation as one of the most innovative and dynamic companies in the whisky industry. Family owned, with over three generations of experience in the Scotch industry, the team has unparalleled experience and expertise in wood management and sourcing of the highest quality oak casks. Today we are featuring two single casks, a 17-Year and 22-Year Highland Park, from Duncan Taylor’s Dimensions Collection. These hand-selected Highland Park expressions are neither chill filtered nor artificially colored, and “only the finest whiskies are selected for inclusion in the Dimensions Collection ensuring each release delivers the multidimensional character of the distillery, true to our ethos: Whisky Without Compromise” (Duncan Taylor). Both are produced from ex-sherry casks and remain at cask strength. With only 300 bottles of each, we will surely sell out. Don’t hesitate to add both to your collection today!


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