Why Buy:  We all know that Rieslings get better with age, as time brings with it new dimensions and complexities, mellowing their residual sugars and deepening their mid-palates. And this back-vintage tour of the Mosel from Dr. Heidemanns — a low-yield estate that has been a family operation for 12 generations — is, above all, a testament to maturation and patience


The Value Proposition: We tend to associate "back vintage" with higher prices, but 6 of these 8 wines come in under $36 a bottle.


The Story: Winemaking runs deep in the Bergweiler family line. Along with the perhaps more famous Prüms, they can trace their lineage in grape growing to the early 16th century. In the latter half of the 20th century, the estate, a landmark of a presence in the Mosel, grew to its current size, overseen by Zacharias Bergweiler, whose great-grandson, Stefan Pauly, today manages it. Pauly's predecessor, his father, Dr. Peter Pauly, held a doctorate in agriculture, and was, as you might imagine, exceedingly careful in his management of the soils and vines. That loving devotion remains to this day.


The Winemaking: Dr. Heidemanns maintains 15 different vineyard sites in a 12 1/2 mile stretch between the villages of Brauneberg and Erden, and each of these is tended differently, in order to maintain a different character. The aforementioned insistence on low yields and judicious hand-picking are core pillars of the estate's philosophy. But by no means are they the only pillars. Gentle treatment of the fruit is another, and it extends to nearly every stage of the operation at the modern cellar, located just outside of Bernkastel. Toward that end, the grapes of each vineyard are fermented separately, in small, temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, and with low-and-slow methods that ensure that the vitality of the wines, and their array of aromas, are preserved


Our Tasting Notes: Across the board, a striking cleanness of expression, no doubt a function of the vigilance in the vineyard that Pauly and his team bring to the operation. We love the freshness they possess, but even more the sneaky depth that you come upon, as you sit with these for a bit — not least, a steeliness and minerality that lends them definition and shape.


Fun Fact: Stefan Pauly is the 12th generation of the family to make wine. 

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so you can be confident that your wines will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Don't hesitate to secure yours today!



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