Why Buy: Alma Miel translates to "soul honey," and that phrase could hardly be a more fitting description of this luxury tequila from the legendary Don Julio – for many of us, the definitive tequila brand, the one that leaps to mind whenever we think of an entire category of drink, the way Google equals "search engine." This latest, much-anticipated release is a sophisticated blend of blanco tequila and a touch of añejo, that – in a canny bit of innovation – incorporates naturally-occurring agave honeys into the distillation. There's no loss of either power or depth, but the lightness and charm will keep you coming back to this one again and again. 

The Story: Not all tequilas are alike, and this one was made in a rather unorthodox fashion: after the blue agave was picked at its peak of maturity, it was distilled in the slow, time-honored fashion that has made Don Julio a household name. But that's what makes it good. What makes it unique is that the spirit was distilled along with the agave honey that was slowly released from the agave hearts as they baked inside Don Julio's stone masonry ovens. The result is a textural marvel, a distillation that is almost lusciously smooth and with a honeyed character that is evident from first sip to last. There’s a reason Don Julio 1942 has remained not just at the forefront of the tequila industry, but ahead of the curve when it comes to trends. They know that innovation is a must for staying both relevant and fresh, but also that the tequila itself must never be compromised.

Our Tasting Notes: Opening with a bright, vivid burst of honey, citrus, and fresh agave, it carries these exact qualities to the palate and beyond. This is a youthful but vigorous expression, and one that exhibits a wonderful balance between caramelly sweetness and roasted agave earthiness, between richness and spice.

Recommended Use: This is an eminently versatile tequila, perfect on its own as an aperitif with friends or a slow-sipper by a crackling fire after a long, hard day, but it will also quickly become a fixture on your bar cart, for its marvelous versatility in a whole range of cocktails, like a spicy Negroni.

ABV: 40% (80 proof).

Fun Fact: Don Julio González  was a real person, and he founded the company when he was all of – yes – 17 years old.

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so rest assured: your tequila will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Secure your order today!


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