"Domaine Weinbach is arguably one of the world’s greatest wine estates. Over the years, the Faller family has produced myriad fantastic wines that are sought by wine lovers and collectors everywhere. That consistent track record has shed light on Alsace’s many delicious, age-worthy and memorable white wines. Quality is so high across the board at Weinbach that it is hard to choose a single 'best' wine” (Ian D’Agata, Vinous). The dry wines of Alsace have long held the fascination and devotion of sommeliers, critics, and wine experts across the world. Alsatian wines are, without question, the most food friendly of all wine. Alsace is fascinating: the repeated changes of nationality from French to Teutonic, ancient soils resulting from tectonic shifting, the titanic task of growing grapes at 49-degrees latitude (the U.S. equivalent of North Dakota). An eventful geological past has given Alsace the most geologically diverse terroir of any wine region in the world, a mosaic of 13 complex soils from the Proterozoic eon to the Quaternary period. This geological wealth is imprinted in wines that unquestionably reveal their origins, especially when harnessed by the most authentic, brilliant wineries—such as Domaine Weinbach.

One of the legendary wineries of Alsace, Domaine Weinbach has a unique heritage. Their land has been planted with vines since the year 890, and in 1612 the Capuchin Friars established a monastery and winery here. In 1898 it was acquired by the Faller brothers and the Faller family continues to preserve their multi-generational family traditions. Robert Parker notes, the gifted hands of the Faller Family “pushed Weinbach to the pinnacle of Alsace’s qualitative pyramid.” Although they are one of the great names of Alsace, Domaine Weinbach, remains a small boutique winery. The Fallers work as closely with nature as possible, using artisanal methods of production. The fermentation occurs in old casks with native yeasts and sometimes lasts for months, even until June the following year. Minimal intervention but constant attention—this is the main principle, which allows the grape to reveal that undefinable authenticity that is the essence of terroir. All the vineyards owned by Domaine Weinbach are cultivated by the methods of organic and biodynamic production. The winery holds both the Ecocert (organic) and the Demeter (biodynamic) certifications.

The lineup of wines below mesmerize, and remind us that Alsace, at its very best, can match any region in the world for the quality of its dry whites. The attention to detail that the Domaine applies to every one of its wines still holds a mirror up to the whole of Alsace, and has made Domaine Weinbach an icon. Experience firsthand the love and passion from this boutique family-owned winery!



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