Why Buy: Armagnac is having a moment, and if you're not already a believer, these three bottlings from the small, super-boutique Domaine d'Aurensan, just may convert you. Besides being shining examples of the cask hunter's art (h/t PM Spirits for pursuing these with such ardor), they are gorgeous illustrations of the intense, hands-on, finely-wrought craftsmanship that turns grapes and time and patience into the magic of Armagnac

The Story: The operative words at Domaine d'Aurensan are "triple zero" – no reduction, no sugar, zero coloring. The Rozès – father Bernard and his two daughters, Sophie and Caroline – tend this small, 5-hectare estate in Ténarèze, in the Hautes-Pyrénées, with utmost devotion, working almost entirely by hand, and have been blessed with soils of clay and limestone that could hardly be more conducive to producing world-class Armagnacs. As vigilant as they are in the field, they are just as particular in the cellar, and especially about what they deem to be ready for release, with only brandies of considerable age (i.e., many decades old) passing muster. Aging takes place in traditional 420-liter barrels, and even here there is a marked emphasis on local: the wood is sourced from Gascon oak grown on the estate.


* The 20 Year Armagnac-Ténaréze is 100% Ugni Blanc, and is a blend of four single barrels (1981, 1990, 1996, and 2000) that aged for between 22 and 41 years in black oak casks made from trees grown on Domaine d'Aurensan's land.

* Single Plot Les Carre des Fantomes is a single plot Armagnac – more specifically, a distillation of six grape varieties that were all planted in a single plot; it aged for over three years and was bottled unfiltered and at a cask strength, with no additives, dilution, or coloring.

* The 1990 Single Cask Armagnac is 100% Ugni Blanc, and was distilled in a small Armagnac still, and aged for 32 years in a single Gascon oak cask. It was bottled by hand at the estate in 2022.


Our Tasting Notes: Our recent tasting was not just a delicious way to while away a couple of hours, but also, and more importantly, a thoroughgoing appreciation of singularity and small-batch craft. Not only do each of these four taste different from one another, but they also taste different from anything else that's out there in the market right now. We could talk all day about the distinguishing characteristics of each of these four spirits, but for the moment, let us dwell on what they share – namely, an aromatic range as complex and wide as the color wheel; an extraordinary concentration and lingering intensity; a phenomenal textural richness; an elegant, impressive structure; and a finish that goes on and on and on.

Fun Fact: The family also owns Domaine de Léberon, another small, super-small-batch, and entirely hands-on Armagnac house.

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so rest assured: your Armagnacs will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Secure your order today!


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