If you think you're only a bourbon drinker, or only a whisky drinker, it's time to get yourself a bottle of Diplomático. It's turned many a one-drink drinker into a rum lover. 

That's my own story, and when I found out about their single vintage rums, I thought I had discovered an altogether different category of drink. That's how singular and incredible these rums are.

Produced only occasionally, when the sugar cane harvest in Venezuela happens to have been especially sweet, it is also made in small quantities — truly, a treat for discerning palates only, the true rum aficionados.

We are so thrilled to have acquired a small allocation for you, and hope that, if you aren't already in the tank for this independent, family-run producer, you join the growing bandwagon.

This bottling is a labor of love for the Maestros Roneros, the master distillers, at Diplomático, who weave traditional methods with the best of modern technology to craft these slow sippers. Drawing from the finest rum reserves in the house, the Maestros distill this blend in vintage copper pot stills. It's then aged in bourbon casks for 12 years, followed by — to give it even more complexity, depth, and richness — an additional year in ex-Oloroso sherry casks.

The result? 

Well, here's how the judges at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge of 2020 described it — and see if your mouth doesn't water: "Thoroughly enlaced with sweet baking spices, the tropical fruit flavors explode over the palate. Rich and sumptuous, the caramelized and buttery flavors persist in the mouth long after each sip."

We'll second that, all of that, and just add that we enjoyed several absolutely chill hours in its glorious company, alone and with a few squares of good dark chocolate. What a simple, but exquisite, way to end a long, hard week.

Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity to score, not just one of the best rums out there, but one of the most rewarding and exciting spirits currently in the marketplace!



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