As Whisky Advocate reports, when you arrive on Orkney, “with its massive Stone Age monuments that predate the Pyramids of Egypt, you are no longer among Scots, but Orcadians.” It is here, in the northernmost reaches of Scotland where the raging waters of the cold North Sea meet the Atlantic, where you will find the 70 islands (only 20 habitated) that make up the Orkneys. Once the crossroads between Nordic and Scottish cultures, this majestically remote area—with its windswept mainland, seemingly infinite sky, and rugged waves cut only by staggering cliffs—is home to famed Scotch distillery Highland Park. 


Today’s offer is an ultra-rare, tiny batch Scotch from independent esteemed bottler and cask expert, Duncan Taylor. The hand-selected Highland Park stock that comprises the Dimensions 20 Year is never chill filtered or artificially coloured, and “only the finest whiskies are selected for inclusion in the Dimensions Collection ensuring each release delivers the multidimensional character of the distillery, true to our ethos: Whisky Without Compromise” (Duncan Taylor). 


Officially outside of the five major whisky-producing regions of Scotland, Orkney has only two distilleries. What it lacks in number, however, it makes up for in quality and prestige; Highland Park whisky is among the most sought-after in the world, and has been named "The Best Spirit in the World" on three separate occasions by F. Paul Pacult, “America's foremost expert on distilled spirits” (Forbes). Since its inception, Highland Park has smoked its own barley using intensely aromatic peat cut from nearby Hobbister Moor; combined with the increasingly rare process of on-site floor malting, this locally sourced heathery peat gives Highland Park its distinctive rich, floral, smoky profile that is endlessly layered and complex, and completely distinct from the heavily peated Islay examples. With a history spanning more than 200 years and a track record of innovative expressions and pristine whiskies, Highland Park absolutely deserves all the credit and press it has been receiving.


A single cask of the Duncan Taylor Highland Park 20-Year was produced and has recently been bottled at cask strength (53% ABV). The whisky aged the full 20 years in ex-Sherry butts, adding beautifully complex notes of baked apple and honey to the distinctive floral peated character for which Highland Park has become known. Like an iron fist in a silk glove, this whisky is endlessly smooth on the palate, but has an intensity of flavor that carries through the long finish. The rarity and provenance of this product makes it worthy of the best Scotch collections, and special Concierge pricing makes it a no-brainer for Single Malt aficionados. Don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of this offer before we sell out and this single-cask trophy is gone for good!



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