Calling all mezcal fans! We’re thrilled to offer our customers a chance to pick up a piece of history today—this offer marks the last chance to purchase several limited expression labels before they are gone forever. Mezcal is a category of spirits so immersed in culture and legend that the mere mention of it sends waves of delight among spirit enthusiasts. Distinguished like the great wines of the world, mezcal is complex, raw, ethereal, and endlessly intriguing. It redefines greatness when it comes to spirits—with its uncompromising purity and depth of flavor that reflects its terroir so perfectly, offering us a window into the true, ancient slow traditions of its birth. Mezcal in and of itself is rare and produced in minuscule quantities; however today's premium lineup truly represents once-in-a-lifetime mezcal made by renowned producer of single-village mezcal, Del Maguey. 


Founded in 1995, mezcal visionary Ron Cooper introduced the world to artisanal mezcal produced in the original handcrafted way, through deep cultural relationships with Zapotec Mexican Indian producers in the remote villages of Oaxaca and Puebla, Mexico. Harnessing ancient, original organic processes, every bottling in their collection is made by individual family palenqueros (producers) in old-style villages. Using a strictly natural and pure process more than five hundred years old, the village palenquero captures the true body and spirit of mezcal with only two ingredients: the heart of the maguey (agave), and pure water added only to the fermentation. Del Maguey’s mezcals are truly unlike any other and are often noted as being among the most pure spirit available in the world. 


Today’s lineup is the crème de la crème for Mezcal and spirit aficionados. We partnered with Del Maguey to offer our customers an exclusive “last chance” at three limited release labels, no longer being produced, as well as the rare ‘Wild Jabali’ label, a mezcal produced from the notoriously difficult and wild agave variety of the same name, and crafted by Rogelio Cruz Martinez (who also makes Del Maguey Tobala). The first of the “last chance” labels is ‘San Luis del Rio Azul.’ The spirit is made from Blue Weber agave, traditionally used in tequila production but very rarely in mezcal. This bottle presents a unique opportunity to “fuse” the flavors and traditions of Jalisco and Oaxaca, and it does so unforgettably delicious fashion. ‘Espadin Especial’ was first created for a group of  visiting Oaxaca in 2012 and is also crafted from the producer of Del Maguey Tobala. Espadin is the genetic “mother” of the Blue Weber variety, and this bottling offers up ample floral, citrus, and vanilla aromas that lead into nuances of pineapple and tropical fruit with hints of toasted caramel. Finally, ‘San Pedro Taviche’ was made in a remote mountain valley corner of Ocotlan, and took nine years to produce. Three wild agave varieties were blended together to create this layered and endlessly flavorful bottling: Espadin, Tobala, and Tepextate. The label has been released over eight years in small, limited batches and this is the end of the run. For many mezcal fans, Del Maguey has become recognized as the gold standard in the category. Our allocation is limited, so act soon to collect these last remaining collectors’ bottles before they’re gone for good!



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