Calling all treasure hunters! We know our customers are always on the hunt for rare bottles so we’re always on the lookout for truly special products to satiate that thirst. Luckily we found a treasure hunter like yourself to partner with for our offer today: “Marc Darroze is a treasure hunter, roaming Armagnac to find extraordinary barrels from the best terroirs” (Jason Wilson, Vinous). We are thrilled to have discovered a single barrel of Darroze Armagnac, tucked away in the cellars or one of France’s most historic regions. We only wish we had more than 260 bottles! 

Armagnac’s self-proclaimed “treasure hunter” Marc Darroze and family have made their name by sourcing, distilling, and aging some of the most distinctive and legendary Armagnac available today. Armagnac, distilled from wine, is able to express its origins and terroir with a beautiful precision that I’ve never experienced from another spirit, and the opulent texture of premium Armagnac is often nearly as captivating as the myriad of flavors the golden liquid offers. Given the success of our previous offer, we’ve partnered again with Darroze to present a special Concierge Cask Selection of 2004 Darroze Domaine Pouillas Armagnac, a single-varietal, single-vintage Baco from a four-hectare estate within Bas-Armagnac. After 15 years of aging in French oak barrels, this spirit has incredibly expressive aromas and flavors that dance on the palate: prepare yourself for smooth transitions between orange zest, gingerbread cookies, cocoa, leather, and walnut. This is a single cask from a single vintage that we have hand selected for our customers—a collectible, never-to-be-replicated Armagnac that would make an incredible gift for collectors of brandy, Bourbons, and other whisky. We have only 260 bottles of this rare Concierge cask selection available, and are offering a 23% discount for one week only, or until sold out. 

Baco is King in Bas-Armagnac, where it thrives in the region’s tawny sand soils. Baco is unique to Armagnac, and is the only hybrid grape permitted under EU wine and spirit appellation laws. In blends, it contributes rounded and supple eaux-de-vie that can determine the overall structure and finesse of the finished spirit. This is a bold grape that requires meticulous care during aging to achieve its full potential—at its best, Baco-based Armagnacs can be the most long lived of them all. Since its inception, Darroze has championed transparency and singularity among its Armagnacs: each barrel’s evolution is managed by Marc Darroze himself and is always bottled at cask strength just before being sold. Our offer today is a pristine example of why Darroze’s critically acclaimed Armagnacs remain an untouchable benchmark within the category. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy this truly artisanal (often a misused term, but accurate here!) spirit at a Concierge-only price below $100.



*Offer NOT valid in-store. Offer is made pre-arrival, with the wines estimated to be delivered to your preferred store in Winter 2019-2020. All sale prices are the lowest available at Total Wine & More and ONLY valid through Concierge Sales. No further discounts or coupons may be applied. Offer not valid in DE, IL, LA, NC, NV, NY, SC, TN, VA, WI, or limited stores in GA. This offer is for ONE WEEK, or until sold out, and will expire on Tuesday, November 12, 2019.