It is not by accident, chance, or luck that Frapin remains the very definition of – indeed, the apotheosis of – single estate Cognac.

We are talking, after all, about an estate that has been in existence since before the end of the Crusades. Astonishing as that fact is, it might be even more stunning to consider that it has remained in the family the entire time, with 21 generations passing down the time-honored methods. And the Frapins remain, not merely involved in operations, but rigorously hands-on in every step of a laborious, detailed process, from tending the vines to winemaking to distillation to aging.

The result? An excellence that is, truly, without peer. Here's what Wine Enthusiast had to say about their VIP XO Cognac, which we were thrilled to be able to bring you last winter: "Nothing less than one of the greatest grape brandies [we've] ever tasted,” they wrote, awarding a potential 100 points.

This limited expression 15 Year is everything we have come to expect from this eminently noble house – a supremely complex sipper, wondrously smooth and rich, with a finish that takes you into tomorrow.

As with any bottle of wine, greatness is a matter, first, of great terroir. Frapin's 600-plus acre estate is located in the heart of the Grande Champagne appellation, the premier cru de Cognac. No grapes nor eau de vie are ever bought/sold. Distillation takes place as it has for centuries, on the lees on one of six copper pot stills.

This XO is a blend of eaux-de-vies grown, distilled, and aged in both humid and dry cellars. Why mature the spirit in two different atmospheric conditions? In short, to introduce more complexity into the Cognac. The former lends both roundness and richness, while the latter brings a finesse and elegance.

The result, bottled at a cask strength of 45.3% ABV, is yet another display of the estate’s uncanny gift for creating gorgeous aromatics. Here we find nose of freshly cut wood, vanilla, black tea, and dried flowers. On the palate, you yield to its immense power. But that power is not at all one-dimensional. And it never over-powers. Notes of dried fruit, toast, and spice lend a subtle depth.

Nicolas Palazzi, the wunderkind barrel hunter at PM Spirits, is renowned for his ability to turn up incredible casks and barrels in the unlikeliest places. This time he didn’t have to chase down an obscurity, merely call upon the grandest Cognac maker in all of Cognac. It is our good fortune that they came together to bring us this liquid magic.

Our allocation is limited, so, hurry!



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