The highly coveted bottles of 5 Sentidos are not only flat-out delicious, they have also brought the traditions and craft of truly artisanal mezcaleros to an international stage. What began as the house spirit of highly acclaimed restaurant/mezcaleria “El Destilado” has become one of the most sought-after bottlings of Mezcal produced today. While their region of origin is certified in the D.O. for mezcal, these batches are crafted in such small quantities that the producers forgo the certification process. Though these regulating bodies can provide a valuable service, certifications are not always synonymous with quality and the system often shuts the door on many small producers (as the fees and length of time to become certified delay income for these micro distillers). In recent years, more and more producers have started avoiding the system altogether by simply labeling their bottles ‘Agave Spirits.’ Founder Jason Cox has sought out these micro-scale maestro mezcaleros and bottled their artisanal creations in extremely small batches under the label 5 Sentidos.


With only minute quantities making it over to the US every year, today’s offer is a one-of-a-kind release from one the mezcaleros behind 5 Sentidos, Marcelo Luna. Marcelo and son Leonardo work from the community of Zoyatla, Puebla. Marcelo distills through a hybrid Filipino still: the boiling chamber is made of clay and the condenser is a hollowed-out tree trunk covered with a clay top. The condensed vapors then pass through a copper coil housed in a stainless-steel pot where they further condense. In the second distillation of Pechuga de Mole Poblano, Marcelo adds cooked chicken and mole poblano to an already-distilled batch of agave Espadilla (A. Angustifolia). The finished spirit has an unctuous texture with a sensational sweet-and-savory profile. This 310-liter batch is a complex agave spirit unlike any other and is available for our customers at a special Concierge-only price. Secure your order before it sells out!



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