It’s no secret that we’re always on the lookout for excellent Bordeaux values, and today we’ve hit the jackpot. In the heart of Médoc along the Route des Vins you will find Château Pierre de Montignac, a Cru Bourgeois that vastly overdelivers its humble appellation. Once dedicated exclusively to cattle and grain farming, the property was upgraded by José Sallette in 1988 when he recognized the potential for vineyards and winemaking. Today Château Pierre de Montignac has more than 60 acres of estate vineyards and was elevated to Cru Bourgeois status in 2008. The Sallette family continues to improve practices in the vineyard and winery, and the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. The 2018 Pierre de Montignac is a lush and smoky example, unveiling notes of dark fruit and spice with elegant tannins and an impressively fresh streak of acidity. You’d be hard pressed to find a better value than their 2018 vintage release: this wine knocks it out of the park and has a price tag you won’t believe. 


The Cru Bourgeois classification has had a bit of a complicated history. The first official ‘Cru Bourgeois’ terminology was introduced by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Agriculture in 1932 to recognize estates that had not been included in the famous 1855 classification; this list included 444 estates. However, the classification was never officially ratified and this caused some issues with enforcing labeling and quality control among estates. After a series of revisions and the introduction of a three-tiered system in 2003, the classification was annulled in 2007, and use of the term ‘Cru Bourgeois’ was entirely banned. In 2010, the system was reintroduced but in a substantially more controlled form that included finished wine quality as a metric. As always, history is bound to repeat itself: starting again in 2020, the classification has returned to a three-tiered system that includes ‘Cru Bourgeois,’ ‘Cru Bourgeois Supérieur,’ and ‘Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel.’ Despite the numerous appellation adjustments and revisions, one thing remains consistent: “the term ‘cru bourgeois’ has been used for centuries in Bordeaux to denote wines that offer high quality and good value” (Decanter). We’re offering unbeatable prices on today’s Cru Bourgeois gem for one week only, so act quickly to secure an excellent vintage from this rising star estate!



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