When we think rosé, we think Cotes de Provence. And when we think Cotes de Provence, among the handful of names we think of first is Château Minuty.

Nor are we alone in our love for this family-owned operation, now in its eighth decade, and one of the original 18 “Cru Classé” estates of Provence. Under the direction of third-generation brothers Jean-Etienne  and François Matton, Minuty is, today, the top selling rosé in Europe and the U.S., but even more remarkable is that it has achieved widespread popularity without compromising even a little on quality. John Mariani of Forbes speaks for many of us when he writes, "Château Minuty is among the best producers in the region." 

That's quite a testimonial for an estate whose reputation rests entirely on its rosés. 

But then, what rosés they are!

If you've yet to try them, you're in for a treat — and, perhaps, even, a moment of revelation. These are not light, inoffensive sippers that you turn to when you want something to drink in warmer weather. These are wines of consummate craft, with a complexity and depth that belies their delicate color.

We've secured three wines from their 2021 portfolio — the 281, which Wine Enthusiast awarded 94 points; the Rose et Or (92 points, also from WE); and the Prestige (92 points from Wine & Spirits) — and can report that they are every bit as delicious (and versatile) as previous vintages have primed us to expect.

The brothers Matton have championed the use of Grenache in rosé, and these three are testament to what this grape, when handled correctly, and given the proper terroir, can bring to the bottle. (And this terroir is more than proper, being blessed not just with calcareous soils and a temperate, moist climate, but with some of the most breathtaking vistas in the world: the original estate is situated in glorious St. Tropez.)

Fruit for the wine called simply 281 (the name refers to the Pantone color number for the rich, royal blue that characterizes the sky and sea of the French Riviera) was sourced from a single plot planted with an exclusive clonal selection of Grenache. Unoaked — the better to reinforce the purity of expression of the grapes — it impresses you from the very first sip with its energy, freshness, and mineral structure. To say nothing of its vibrant aromatics, redolent of the region's incomparable white peaches.

The Rose et Or, the estate's flagship, is made with grapes — primarily Grenache, with small amounts of Cinsault and Rolle — from some of the oldest vines on the estate, grown half a mile from the ocean in mica schist soil. That proximity accounts for its pronounced minerality, while the southwest exposure brings a ripeness of fruit that most rosés can't deliver.

In the Prestige, Grenache is still the star, but the supporting cast — 20% Syrah, 10% Cinsault, and 10% Rolle — adds a bit more weight and fullness. It's not hard to see why this has become the most popular rosé in all of France: it goes down so smoothly, you could be forgiven for missing just how incredibly well-structured it is.

What all three have in common is not just the presence of Grenache, but the ability to transport you to the magical and charming French Riviera ... and at a tiny fraction of the cost of airfare and lodging. But hurry -- this fantastic deal lasts only through the week!


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