Why Buy: When future generations look back on this era of Bordeaux, certain vintages are sure to glimmer like constellations against the night sky: 1996, 2005, 2010, 2015, 2018, 2019, 2020. That one estate should produce such a string of excellence, with no fewer than five 100-pointers among those releases, is nothing short of astonishing. We speak, of course, of Château Margaux, that paragon of Left Bank refinement, where Paul Pontallier and Philippe Bascaules have coaxed such ethereal beauty from clay and limestone that even the most stoic critics have been moved to superlatives. To offer not one but seven of these unicorn vintages, alongside the château's increasingly coveted second wine, Pavillon Rouge, is, truly, to trace the arc of Bordeaux's golden age. This is more than wine; this is liquid history, the kind that transforms cellars into museums and collectors into stewards. 

Pristine Provenance: Please note that because each of these bottles is sourced directly from the château's cellar, impeccable provenance is guaranteed — these are investment-grade treasures, friends, shipped with the utmost care from the limestone-cooled depths of Margaux.

What They’re Saying: To earn a perfect 100-point score is rarefied air in wine criticism, but to do so five times in less than three decades? Staggering. Yet here we are, with a quartet of Château Margaux that has achieved just that — each one hailed not merely for technical brilliance, but for that ineffable spark that transforms wine into art. Of the 1996, Robert Parker rhapsodized in The Wine Advocate: “a strong contender for wine of the vintage … offers everything you want in a First Growth.” In 2005, he was back again, gushing: “extraordinary … a 50- to 100-year wine ... gorgeously opulent, multidimensional.” Fast forward to 2015, and James Suckling found himself equally enthralled, declaring it "a millennia transformer, a quantum leap in quality … incredible finesse and density … an emotional and soulful wine.” By 2018, critics were running short on superlatives — and yet. Here’s Jeb Dunnuck: "a legendary wine in the making ... heavenly aromatics ... incredibly layered, nuanced, and seamless.” The 2019 vintage continued the streak, prompting Lisa Perrotti-Brown, of The Wine Advocate, to marvel, "A wine that you want to drink, not just taste [...] the energy here is simply electric." A common thread emerges: wines of such captivating beauty that even the most disciplined critic yearns to cast aside professional reserve and simply revel in the glass. And Pavillon Rouge’s emergence is its own story, as this wine has evolved from supporting player to scene-stealer. Jeb Dunnuck declared the 2018 "classic Margaux ... incredibly elegant," while James Suckling's 97-point review of the 2020 ("So fine and polished") suggests this second wine is nipping at the heels of its elite sibling.

The Story: The estate's neo-Palladian château, immortalized on its label, has become shorthand for wine nobility — but it's what lies beneath the soil that has enraptured wine lovers for centuries. Here, in a miraculous gravel épée plunged into the earth, Cabernet Sauvignon achieves a perfume and silkiness unmatched anywhere in the world. And this has been the truth for more than two centuries, a jaw-dropping run of excellence.  You can go all the way back to the late 18th century, when Thomas Jefferson, America's original wine connoisseur — reflecting on the estate's 1784 vintage, but speaking more generally about Margaux as a sure-thing property — declared it "the very best Bordeaux.” Yet Margaux, for all its greatness, isn't content to rest on its illustrious past. The late Paul Pontallier, whose 33-year tenure as managing director coincided with a renaissance in quality, was as much scientist as vigneron. His obsession with precision — separating plots, vinifying by soil type — laid the groundwork for the estate's modern-day excellence. And excellence, as this majestic vertical attests, has become the norm. From the "wine of the vintage" 2005, which James Suckling likened to "looking over the edge of a skyscraper," to the 2015 (the bottle fittingly engraved to mark the 200th anniversary), to 2018's unprecedented hat-trick of 100-point scores, these are bottles that don't just rest in a cellar; they elevate it. And let's not overlook Pavillon Rouge, crafted from lots that, in any other year, might have graced the Grand Vin. 

Our Tasting Notes: How to distill such an embarrassment of riches into a few illuminating words? Perhaps it's best to think in orchestral terms. The ’96, '05, and '10 vintages are like Mahler symphonies: profound, structured, and built for the ages. The '15, '18, and '19 vintages dance as if to a Tchaikovsky ballet — all plush red fruit, violet perfume, and a caress of new oak. As for the 2020 vintage? We’ll call that one pure Mozart: timeless, graceful, effortlessly harmonious. Pavillon Rouge, meanwhile, is elegant chamber music, with every nuance of the terroir's voice clearly audible.

Fun Fact: During World War II, the château's treasures — including priceless vintages — were walled up to hide them from occupying forces. 

Our Guarantee: We cannot emphasize enough that impeccable provenance is of paramount importance to us; you can rest assured that your wines will be secured at every step of this process. Order today and secure a taste of earthly transcendence.

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