Today we celebrate the long-awaited release from legendary first growth Chateau Latour. The 2015 vintage of Chateau Latour was released this past Tuesday, making it the youngest Latour Grand Vin on the market and the fourth to be released since the first growth estate left the Bordeaux En Primeur system. In 2012 Chateau Latour announced they will no longer be participating in Bordeaux's En Primeur system - the vehicle through which collectors and retailers purchase Bordeaux Futures. Instead, the Chateau would release the wines when they deemed them to be ready for consumption. Until the wines are released, they rest in the pristine conditions of Chateau Latour's own cellars and are proof-tagged for authentication.

Chateau Latour is one of the yardsticks to which other iconic wines are measured. Their historic vineyards have been in use since the Middle Ages with documents pointing to the estate’s emergence in the 12th Century. Such history would be for nothing were it not for the irresistible blend of terroir and technical prowess. Chateau Latour’s wines have long been revered for their power, elegance and consistency. Their legendary Enclos vineyard (a smaller part of their overall vineyard holdings) is one of the main reasons they produce phenomenal wines year after year. The moderating influence of the nearby Gironde estuary and the incredible 60-year age of the vines gives Latour the power and elegance it has become known for. 

Also released was the 2017 vintage of Chateau Latour’s second wine, Les Forts de Latour.  Les Forts de Latour has become a unique expression of Chateau Latour that collectors have lined up for since its inception in 1966. Regarded as Grand Cru Classé quality in its own right, Les Forts de Latour is another interpretation of the powerful terroir Latour has built its legendary reputation on. Named after a historic plot in the famous Enclos vineyard, central to the mystique and pedigree of Château Latour, Les Forts de Latour is produced with the same meticulous care as the Grand Vin. Subtle differences differentiate Les Forts from the original Grand Vin of Château Latour, mainly, less new oak and slightly different varietal proportions. Chateau Latour’s decision to no longer participate in Bordeaux futures was seen as a brave power move and showed their unwavering commitment to their wine, ensuring Latour collectors will experience their wines as they should be, perfectly cellared with age. While commonplace for exceptional chateaux to create a “second wine,” few expressions have achieved the prestige of Les Forts de Latour. This is not merely a second wine of a First Growth legend but stands by itself as a powerful, intense wine that many compare to Second Growth estates. This wine is produced from separate parcels, many containing old vines and represents only 40% of Chateau Latour’s total production.

As of 2007, all bottles of Latour have a prooftag authenticator capsule seal: a unique 13-number code to protect the provenance and authenticity of the bottles. While we have been able to secure a healthy allocation of Latour's release for our Concierge Family, we anticipate the wines will go quickly. We do not have an order minimum, but please note all orders in six-bottle increments will be delivered in their original wooden cases.


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