Importer and treasure hunter Nicolas Palazzi has an eye for rare, aged spirits. Without a doubt his collaborations have captured the attention of spirit enthusiasts worldwide—and we’ve been on top of it all, offering you firsts like the Tattoo Series from cult-favorite, independent bottler L’Encantada. While we’re always on the look-out for Palazzi’s newest independent projects, today’s ultra-aged trophy sourced by Palazzi is a can’t-miss from a 13th century property. Distilled and bottled directly at the historic Château de Léberon, this 27-year-old vintage Armagnac may be one of our purest and most exciting offers from the region to date. Immediately capturing Palazzi’s attention (and ours), the unadulterated 1994 vintage was just bottled and released by the château and is produced from a single cask made exclusively from the estate’s own oak trees. At nearly three decades old, today’s Armagnac is robust and full of pedal-to-the-metal concentration and flavor and is a worthy collectible for any connoisseur.


Located in the Ténarèze sub-region, where Armagnac is stylistically known for its strong flavor profile, Château de Léberon was founded during the height of the Hundred Years War and was rediscovered in 1939 by Osmin Rozès. Four generations later, Rozès’ descendants work exclusively with estate-grown grapes, with vines as old as 60 years. The fruit produced is very textured and aromatic, all hand-harvested and grown in south-facing vineyards and soils full of gritty sand mixed with pebbles. Using both Ugni Blanc and Colombard, a rare and greatly prized grape in the region known for its fruity and spicy aromas, Château de Léberon only produces vintage brandies that are fresh and vibrant when young and, when matured, transform into bold and powerful Armagnacs. Only natural yeasts are used during vinification and a traditional continuous still produces an aromatic and richly textured eau-de-vie. The brandies are matured in oak barrels forged from trees on the property and naturally reduce over time, taking on the beautiful aromas and flavors of the wood, with no added color or sugar—and are eventually all bottled by hand at cask strength. With only a handful of unique vintage expressions available at any one time (nothing is ever released before 20 years of ageing), Château de Léberon’s celebrated Armagnacs are rare and difficult to source. Lucky for us, Palazzi reserved just enough of the 27-year-old vintage for today’s offer. Don’t miss it!



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