Scotch and Bourbon clearly have a strong hold in the market today - with collectors and enthusiasts paying upwards of $1,000 for coveted single malts or a 23-year old Pappy running upwards of $2,000. There's no denying there is an allure and we're clearly here to satisfy demand when we can - however, for those who enjoy "bourbon or rye or even Scotch, there's never been a better moment to give Armagnac a try. Producers are using older and older brandies in their blends, creating great spirits that offer notable complexity and value" (Jason Wilson, Vinous). 

For those unfamiliar with Armagnac, it is easily the closest spirit to wine, especially as vintage, terroir, varietal composition and barrel maturation all play an essential roll. Armagnac is France's first brandy, predating Cognac by 200 years, and is renowned for its single distillation process maintaining the flavors and characteristics of its terroir, making Armagnac an epicurean pleasure. While Cognac is known for its polish and consistency, Armagnac celebrates the vintage and terroir nuances, bringing to the forefront massive complexity and character. And whereas Cognac covers over 1 million hectares of land, Armagnac has been kept to a mere 16,000, divided into three smaller regions including Haut-Armanac, Bas-Armagnac, and Tenareze. Though every book and every critic will throw a blanket over Armagnac and tell you that the finest examples come from Bas-Armagnac - we're here to tell you the whole story. Haut-Armagnac receives the least attention - mainly due to the fact that no one made much of an effort to replant vines after the phylloxera epidemic wiped them out. In 2017, the Parisians in the Ministry of Agriculture determined that the best example of Armagnac in all of France (and therefore the world since no one else makes it) comes from Haut-Armagnac. Furthermore, they decided that it is not only the best Armagnac in France, but the very best Eau de Vie which includes such stalwarts as Cognac and Calvados. The finest Armagnac in all of France, and therefore the world, is made by Patrick and Victoire de Montal at Chateau Arton outside the village of Lectoure. So for those in the know - it's the singularity of Patrick de Montal's Armagnac that's worth seeking out. However, more often than not, these bottles are unavailable in the market. Today's feature offers an exception.

Awarded the highest honor - The "Prix d'Excellence" distinction by the French Ministry of Agriculture - Chateau Arton produces some of the most highly sought-after Armagnacs from the rare and distinctive Haut-Armagnac appellation. Selected as the best Brandy in all of France, Chateau Arton produces extremely limited Armagnacs entirely estate grown. It is considered the premier property of the region whose demand has reached extraordinary heights, rivaling the iconic houses of Cognac as well as any premium aged-spirit brand. Awarded at the most prestigious competitions in the world, it's no surprise that some of their bottlings are getting harder to find and secure. By working directly with the estate, we were lucky enough to acquire an allocation of their La Reserve. Extremely limited in availability, their La Reserve is a blend of Armagnacs ranging in age from 4-11 years (youngest in the blend thus far has been 6 years). All maturation is in medium toast, Gascon Black Oak barrels, spending the first two years in new oak followed by used oak for the remainder of its life. With limited availability due to a very small annual production, this bottle is a must-have for any spirit enthusiast. With up to 15% off, this is an offer you don't want to miss. Please be aware, this offer is available on a first come, first-served basis. With a limited supply of the La Reserve available, this will sell out quickly!




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