Why Buy: We stand firm in our conviction that Heidsieck has been putting out some of the best Champagnes in the world over the past decade — extraordinary bottlings of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that just happen to have bubbles (but such beautiful, soft, light bubbles they are). Much of the credit for that goes to Cyril Brun, who produced Champagne for 15 years at Veuve Cliquot before coming to Heidsieck (he left the company this past year), and who is unquestionably among the greatest winemakers in the business. But we must also credit the vast reserves of Heidsieck, an astonishing 80 percent of the wine that makes up their non-vintage bottlings is reserve Champagne from older vintages.


Our Recent Portfolio Tour: After our recent taste-through of the Heidsieck portfolio, we were compelled to put together a slate of six Champagnes, including three vintage Champagnes, and, if we do say so ourselves, a highly decorated slate at that: among them, one 97-pointer and three 95-pointers — a dazzling scorecard in a world where bubbly (and white wines, generally) are still somewhat slighted by the critical community.


What They're Saying: "As anyone who regularly tastes Champagnes blind knows, Charles Heidsieck is second to no other producer when it comes to quality." So said Tom Stevenson, in the 2013 edition of his wine bible, World of Fine Wine.


The Story: The truly astonishing thing about Heidsieck is not that it continues to earn top scores year after year for its Champagnes, or that it remains as virtual a lock in the world of wine and spirits as there is. No, the truly astonishing thing is that, in the 173 years since Charles-Camille Heidsieck launched the company, it remains a young, hungry operation. Not content to coast on reputation alone, it pursues excellence and glory alike with the kind of drive we tend to associate with passionate start-ups. All the same, the calling cards of the house are the same as they ever were: an enduring commitment to the timeless art of blending, in turning the work of Champagne's most esteemed growers (in some instances, more than 60) into a single, seamless, shimmeringly sublime statement, and a passionate insistence on long maturations (according to the law, a NV wine must be aged for a minimum of 15 months, but Heidsieck typically ages its NVs for 6 to 7 years).


Our Tasting Notes: Often, in this space, we regale you with our sensory experiences with a particular vintage or bottling, zeroing in on the characteristics we believe to be telling or significant. These six have so much in common that it seems only fitting to speak in the aggregate. Let us begin by saying, straightaway, that our recent tasting was a wonderful and transportive experience — a trip, truly, to a better place. The bubbles are fine and delicate, and you are struck, again and again, by how something so fresh and vital and alive can also be so silky and luscious and mature. For certain, they will ennoble any special occasion, but we like them best in a different role, in helping you overcome the slings and arrows of the day and elevate you to better, higher ground.


Fun Fact: Charles Heidsieck was a noted showman in stumping on behalf of his Champagnes, and his charismatic performances were immortalized, in a 1989 film for television that aired in Canada, by none other than Hugh Grant.

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