Super Tuscans continue to fly out of here like crazy, which tells us that there is no end to your collector's passion for these intensely plush, food-friendly reds.

For today's offer, we return to the well to bring you a terrific Super Tuscan from one of Concierge's longtime favorites, Castello Banfi, renowned for producing luxuriantly rich wines that won't break the bank.

Take their 2018 SummuS, which The Wine Advocate, in a glowing 94-point review from Monica Larner, called "nuanced and deep with lots of blackberry and ripe cherry followed by sweet spice, leather and red rose," a "full-bodied expression [that] fits squarely into your expectations of an opulent, food-friendly blended Tuscan red."

We're thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Even better: As Larner wrote, it’s “near-term,” which means you won’t have to wait long – your drinking window begins the year after next.

As important a producer as Banfi is, I could make a case that its principals are, in fact, foundational figures in your wine education. As a matter of fact, you could argue that the reason many Americans know anything at all about Italian wine is because of the Mariani brothers, Harry and John, who built a hugely successful family import business in the 1970s, bringing many classic labels and varietals to public attention on this side of the Atlantic.

That success emboldened them to try their hand at making wine, and so, in 1978, they launched Castello Banfi. They were shrewd in bringing in the great Ezio Rivella, one of Italy's foremost enologists, who saw, in the rich soils and ideal microclimatic conditions, the potential for making world-class wines.

Rivella was prophetic. Banfi has more than realized that enormous potential, as these big, intensely-focused, and deeply rich wines prove.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do, and find many opportunities to pour them, alone, and in the company of hearty, zesty fare like lasagnas, rib roasts, and pan-seared duck breast.

We're able to extend this offer for the next week only, so take advantage of special Concierge Family prices to secure this pair of Super Tuscan crowd-pleasers.




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