The tequila market is flush with new celebrity labels and influencer branding, but one producer stands above the rest when it comes to genuine luxury. Dubbed the ‘Tastemaker’s Top Tequila’ by Forbes Magazine and awarded one of Wine Enthusiast’s highest ratings ever for tequila, Casa Dragones ‘Joven’ was the first to introduce the world to a true “sipping” tequila—an ethereally smooth master blend of 100% Blue Agave silver and extra-aged tequilas. Recently served at a star-studded celebration for the 77th Golden Globe Awards and frequently claimed as a favorite tequila by Oprah, the prestige of this brand keeps growing; however, the uncompromising commitment to quality remains the guiding principle. As remarkable as the flagship Joven is, today we are thrilled to finally be able to unveil the newest project from this esteemed producer—at a fraction of the cost of the $300 Joven. This is the tequila that spirit aficionados everywhere have been anxiously awaiting: Casa Dragones Añejo.

As we’ve come to expect from Casa Dragones, every step of production is meticulously managed and carried out by expert hand, from the agave harvest to the intricate hand-labeling and bottle numbering that takes a staggering two hours per bottle. The proprietary agave fields are located within the Eje Volcanico Transversal (Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt) in Tequila, Jalisco, where the volcanic soils have proven ideal for agave maturation. Unlike wine grapes, which are harvested every year, the Azul Tequilana Weber agave used in Casa Dragones production requires a minimum of eight years of maturation before harvest; it takes years of experience to master this timely craft. Championing the integrity of the agave is the first step, but with an Añejo tequila, barrel provenance and quality are equally essential components. Casa Dragones custom crafted two kinds of barrels from French and American oak for this project. We know our customers always like to geek out on barrel regimens, and luckily the distillery told us even more about their bespoke barrel project: 

After much research, we decided to collaborate with one of France’s most respected cooperages, the family Nadalié. We dedicated two years to work closely together to create two different oak barrels:
The wood used for the French oak barrels is a proprietary blend of 100% Quercus Sessile from four different forests in the center of France (Allier, Bertranges, Vosges, Nevers). A special toasting was created for these barrels, to deliver roundness, freshness, and light spicy notes.
The wood used for the American oak barrels is a proprietary blend of oak sourced from Missouri and Pennsylvania and charred using a medium toast. This wood delivers complexity and a highly aromatic profile (Casa Dragones).

This Añejo finds a perfect balance between modern and luxury: the spirit is a stunningly bright caramel color, and the delicate aromas of pear and almond lead into bolder flavors of nutmeg, blackberry, cacao, and pepper that linger on the palate for minutes. With a price point well below its Joven cousin, the Casa Dragones Añejo is a must-have for serious tequila fans. Don’t miss out on our first-dibs offer and special pricing, available for one week only! 



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