Breaking up is hard to do. But sometimes, as the story of Carlo Revello & Figli shows, it's also a good thing to do. 

Six years ago, the brothers Revello, Carlo and Enzo, split from one another, each taking half of the estate they inherited from their father, in 1990. It was not out of filial animosity that they initiated the break — in fact, the brothers say, they undertook the split largely to place more responsibility upon the next generation of vintners and operators -- but the change has nevertheless been both decisive and transformative. Carlo has taken a back-to-the-future approach, pursuing, in the words of Vinous, "a more classic line" that has resulted in a succession of old-school bottlings that have been flat-out thrilling Barolo lovers.

As the estate's sole importer in the U.S., we obtained four from Carolo's stellar portfolio, including a pair of 94-pointers — the Barolo Rocche Dell'Annunziata 2016 and the Barolo Giachini 2018 — that have all the depth and majesty of Barolo at its strutting, swaggering self.

Both wines are made with grapes from two of the top sites in La Morra, a patch of Piedmont known for its stunning Nebbiolo. After hand-harvesting, the wine spends 24 months in French barrels (Carlo favors a blend of 20% new and 80% used), where it develops its characteristic depth and complexity.

The Wine Advocate, in its 94-point review of the 2016 Barolo Riserva Rocche dell'Annunziata, called it "a wine of bold intensity and power" that still, somehow, delivers an "elegant and linear experience."

This has been Carlo's m.o. since the split, to marry two seemingly opposed qualities — but to do it in a way that feels not just seamless but also inevitable. 

The 2018 Barolo Giachini is perhaps an even more on-the-money example of this double-barreled vision — in the words of The Wine Advocate, which awarded 94 points, "a fine and elegant performance with red and purple fruits that are framed by earthy or autumnal tones, blood orange and dried iris. There is a point of ripeness that adds some extra softness or textural padding."

We also have their 93-point 2018 Barolo and their 92-point 2018 Barolo Biolo. Of the former, The Wine Advocate declared it "a well-priced Barolo" with an "open personality" whose "mid-weight texture transitions to a fine and nicely polished mouthfeel." 

We're able to offer it for a best price of less than $44 a bottle, while the Barolo Biolo comes in at a best price of just under $48 a bottle.

Terrific deals, both — putting them squarely, I'd say, in the category of "let's make sure to keep this on hand all the time."

If you love Barolo, then you don't want to miss out on these. Not only will they bring you many hours of pure drinking pleasure, but they will also remind you of just what you first turned to Barolo for: intensity, depth, and layered soul.

But hurry — our allocation is limited, and the King of Wines doesn't stick around for very long.



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