As Cinco de Mayo is here to remind us, sometimes you want a tequila for mixing, but sometimes — those quieter times, after a long day, perhaps, or maybe just a small gathering of close friends — you want a tequila for straight sipping.

That means a tequila that is more than just strong. A tequila that is rounded and complex, a tequila of nuances that unfolds itself slowly, over the minutes and even hours, in which you discover things on your fifth sip that you had not noticed on your first or second.

A tequila like that produced by Calirosa, maker of some of the finest ultra-premium, high-end sippers you're going to find in the marketplace.

Witness this beauty, which we are so fortunate to be able to bring you: an extra anejo made with 100% stone-cooked blue agave that was aged for 5 years and finished in California red wine barrels.


The Real family is not just a standard-setter in an industry that has seen an explosion of new producers and new expressions in recent years; it remains, 80 years on, a family operation. Founded by patriarchs Don Roberto Real and Don Fernando Real in 1942, today the operation is helmed by a third-generation Master Distiller, Luis Trejo Rodriguez. 

Though backed by flash -- Maroon 5 frontman (and former “The Voice” judge) Adam Levine is a partner – Calirosa is rooted in the same artisanal values that have distinguished the Real family since the beginning, from working in small batches and keeping yields low.

The liquid for this extra anejo was fermented for up to 50 hours, twice distilled, and then aged in the aforementioned red wine barrels.

What Calirosa terms its "subversive aging process" creates a drink of wondrous complexity. The influence of the wine barrels is apparent in the nose, with its notes of cherry, red berries, and wood. But you will also revel in its aromas of chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, marshmallow, and caramel. On the palate, its toffee richness is enhanced by the presence of warming spices and cinnamon.

It's not often that the words "decadent" and "indulgent" attach themselves to a tequila, but after a long and deeply pleasurable tasting those were the words I kept coming back to.

We can make this treasure available to our Concierge Family, and at special prices, for the next week, but don't delay — tequila is in great demand all across the country right now, and this one surely won't last long.




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