2013 'Punta Tolotti' Amarone Della Valpolicella and 2015 'Campo Lavei' Valpolicella Superiore




Among the regions of Italy, the Veneto is one of the most fascinating, offering a breadth of delicious and notable red wines full of complexity and character. Among those reds, it’s the Amarone’s and Valpolicella’s that are most compelling. Most people have heard of Amarone, which is arguably the most important wine in the region. It is produced to be powerful, dense, complex and long-lived. This is a blue chip wine that can stand up to wintry meat-rich cuisines, and far from easy quaffing. It is sophisticated - a Cuban cigar that should be enjoyed with just the right amount of reverence. On the other hand, we have its country cousin of the same noble pedigree. But unlike Amarone, it is fresh, seductive and extremely drinkable - think inviting sweet red cherry fruit, and a tart, earthy quality that is absolutely refreshing. They can be drunk with food just as easily as on its own, and is one of my house wine favorites. Today’s two extraordinary crus from Ca Rugate are beautiful examples of these traditional wines, that are both extraordinarily delicious and deeply embedded into the landscape of the region. The Tessari family, four generations of farmers from Veneto, are deeply tied to the land and culture, and is one of the top producers in the region. With their flagship ‘Punta Tolotti’ Amarone representing the boldest style in their portfolio, their ‘Campo Lavei’ Valpolicella Superiore is a youthful wine full of grace and elegance that complements the concentrated richness of its opulent brother. 


Located 50 miles west of Venice in the beautiful commune of Montecchia di Crosara, just northeast of Verona, the vineyards of the Tessari family rest on soils containing little clay but rich in limestone and gravel. The two crus, Campo Lavei and Punta Tolotti, lie on gentle slopes in the hilly heart of Valpolicella with altitudes between 410 and 440m and represent the best of their property in the region, with fruit from Campo Lavei used for their Valpolicella Superiore and fruit from Punta Tolotti used strictly for the Amarone. Both wines have similar blends of Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella, however the Amarone sees extensive aging, starting with the drying of the grapes for 4-5 months and finishing in 500L oak casks, matured for 25-30 months in wood before bottling. The Superiore uses a combination of undried and dried grapes and is finished in small barrels for 8 to 10 months, keeping its fruit fresh and racy. Having recently tasted both the 2015 Campo Lavei Valpolicella and the 2013 Punta Tolotti Amarone, the similarities in great winemaking are apparent, and the differences are striking. The Amarone is full of bountiful fruit balanced by soft tannins, deep in color, and rich in body and complexity. The Valpolicella is mellow and elegant, with juicy flavors of dark cherries complemented by elegant tannins. Whereas I would have the Amarone with a hearty meal (think steak and stew) the Superiore would wonderfully complement pasta dishes, risotto, cheeses and cured meats. With today’s Mix & Match offer, this is a great opportunity to experience two amazing expressions of Amarone and Valpolicella for up to 25% off!



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