Islay single malts are some of the most coveted in the world of fine scotch. The tiny region is home to some of the biggest names in the industry, like Ardbeg, Laphroaig, and Lagavulin, who have long commanded the most attention. But the prestige and collectibility of lesser-known producers has been growing, and whisky enthusiasts have begun to seek out the limited editions from some of Islay’s tiny distilleries. Bruichladdich, one such producer, was resurrected in 2001 with a goal “to be an antidote to the industry be pioneers, provocateurs and change makers. Reconnecting the land and the dram, re-evaluating the prescribed ‘rules’ of the industry’ inspire an army of distillers and drinkers across the world.” Their Port Charlotte Cask Exploration series has become increasingly trendy (not to mention hard to get your hands on), but don’t be fooled by its popularity: these drams are all about the craft. Today we have the exciting opportunity to present Bruichladdich’s Port Charlotte ‘OLC:01 2010.’ This whisky is unbelievably complex, boasting a rich, viscous texture and notes that weave between figs, toffee, peach, tobacco, smoke, and pepper. The peat is here, but it’s woven into the spirit seamlessly. This is one you need to try for yourself—secure your order today, as our inventory is limited!


The Port Charlotte series of single malts are conceived, distilled, matured, and bottled exclusively on Islay; the distinction is important when considering that many other Islay distilleries import barley and ship their spirit off the island to mature in undisclosed mainland warehouses. All Bruichladdich spirits are matured in warehouses on the side of Loch Indaal, Islay, exposed to the sea air and unique seasonal changes of Scotland’s west coast. Each cask is meticulously watched by the Bruichladdich team, before being bottled in “Harvey Hall,” using only Islay spring water. Today’s ‘OLC:01’ whisky was distilled in 2010, from a 2009 crop of Scottish Barley. The heavily peated single malt (40 PPM phenol level) was first filled into an array of ex-bourbon, ex-Syrah and ex-VDN (vin doux naturel) casks. In 2018, the spirit was transferred into a parcel of Oloroso hogshead barrels that arrived at the distillery on the personal recommendation from Fernando de Castilla bodega owner, Jan Pettersen. The distillery calls it one of their “most unusual” drams yet, and indeed, the spirit is as unique as it is delicious. Special Concierge pricing is available for one week only, or until sold out!



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