Why Buy: The gin you can't get enough of — that nobody can get enough of — is back with the 13th edition of its much-panted-over Distiller's Cut. Monkey 47 is the cult hit producer that bartenders and mixologists have elevated into a global superstar, and this elegant and spicy release is not just the finest testament to their passion and craft; it's also a thrilling glimpse into where gin is headed.

What They're Saying: The Robb Report named the previous Distiller's Cut one of the "12 Best New Spirits of the Year," an "outstanding" bottle to "add to your collection now." Drinks International named it the #1 Top Trending Gin for six years running — an extraordinary industry recognition, especially in light of the steep competition in the marketplace. And holiday gift guides from The New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, Town & Country, and Esquire have been filled with valentines to it. 

  The Story: In just its 13th year, Monkey 47 has enjoyed the kind of success most ventures only dream of. The Distiller’s Cut is their prize release of the year, and annually among the most hotly-anticipated releases by collectors around the world. The 47 in the brand's name refers both to the ABV and to the walloping number of botanicals that make up the macerate that is then distilled (in this case, twice distilled, for added purity) to become the complex gin we all know and love. For the Distiller's Cut, a 48th is added to the macerate. That 48th? A touch of Grade A, dark-amber, single-forest maple syrup from Canada.

Our Tasting Notes: You can feel the care and craft in every smooth sip of this gorgeous gin. Most notably, and most impressively, there's a weight and a wovenness that put it beyond reach of most gins. It's fantastic as a cocktail cornerstone — it will deliver you a superior gin-and-tonic or Negroni — but we also love it with just a cube of ice, the better to savor both its botanical complexity and its almost silken texture.


Proof: 94 (47% ABV).

Fun Fact: We know that junipers are an essential ingredient to many gins, but among the 47 botanicals that make up Monkey 47 is a lesser-known berry: lingonberries. Found throughout northern Europe (and the star of a delicious jam that is commonly paired with Swedish pancakes), they are prized for their tart fruitiness.

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so you can be confident that your gin will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Don't hesitate to secure yours today!


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