Why Buy: Certain names in the world of wine make our hearts beat faster, and Bibi Graetz – maker of some of the most fully realized and soulfully personal wines in all of Tuscany – is one of them. So when the opportunity came recently to acquire the winemaker's 98-point 2020 Toscana Colore, the best of a great run of Colore releases over the past five or six years, and his 95-point Testamatta, his flagship, we didn't deliberate, we didn't think twice – we pounced. You should pounce, too, in adding these two deeply hedonistic wines to your collection. And, to add enticement atop enticement: we're making them available this week to our Concierge Family at 15% OFF!


What They're Saying: "The subtlety and perfumed nature of this wine is enchanting," is how James Suckling's 98-point love letter to the Toscana Colore 2020 opens. "Full-bodied, but not over the top, with tannins that are polished and run the length of the wine ... You want to drink it now, and you probably should, because it’s so alluring. Yet it will age beautifully as well." Monica Larner was given to lyricism, as well, in her 95-point evaluation of the Testamatta 2020 in The Wine Advocate, calling it a wine of "aromatic intensity," "beautiful clarity," "sharpness," and "lifted bouquet."


Our Tasting Notes: If you love powerful, terroir-driven wines, the Toscana Colore 2020 is going to wow you as much as it did us. After indigenous fermentation, every parcel was aged separately for almost 3 years before the final blend was decided. The result? Aromatic complexity, palatal density, and a richness of line that goes beyond the opulent; this is a wine of gorgeous sensuality. The Testamatta is a wine that Graetz has been tweaking in recent years, in part to account for climate change. The 2020, made with Sangiovese from both new and old vines, is the end result of that process, and it's a triumph. We're almost tempted to describe it as beautiful, if not for its depth and heft. But its purity and definition are both undeniable, and you're left in deep admiration of its craftedness and care.


The Story: “Testamatta" is an Italian word for someone with a strong personality, a distinctive style, and boundless creativity. The word doesn't just describe Graetz's flagship wine – it also describes him. Relentlessly driven and irrepressibly charismatic, the Tuscan native has built a passionate and loyal following over the years, on the strength, largely, of the pair of wines we bring you today: Testamatta and Colore, both universally acclaimed as two of the greatest Tuscan expressions of our time. Graetz began his career with a modest five-acre vineyard on a hillside in Fiesole, but he quickly rose to stardom, garnering high scores and critical praise for his remarkable, terroir-driven wines, which, then as now, showcase a wonderful purity of fruit, concentrated depth, and effortless elegance. While many Super Tuscan producers have focused on international varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, Graetz has always championed Italian varietals, Sangiovese most notable among them. We love that unwavering commitment to place, but what we love even more is the pure poetry he is able to create from native raw material.


Fun Fact: Graetz has designed the artwork for all of his labels, and, as Larner wrote, for The Wine Advocate, he likes to use primary colors that blend into one another, “an inescapable metaphor" for his winemaking craft. 

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source directly from the estate, so you can be confident that your wines will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Don't hesitate to secure yours today!


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