Why Buy: You did compare-and-contrast in school, but this one’s a helluva lot more fun — especially if you’re a lover of Speyside single malt, and even more especially if you gravitate to the smoky stylings of the always-excellent Benromach, which has paired up these two bottlings for their growing legion of fans to contemplate differences and nuances as they savor the flat-out gorgeousness in every pour.

The Story: Benromach has a long and storied history, but the modern era began in 1993, when Gordon & McPhail, renowned for their expertise at aging and bottling, purchased the distillery and set its compass on a very particular destination: restoring the lost taste of Speyside whisky. This Contrast Range is a vital part of that vision, and has become a certifiable hit among collectors for the way it affords them a generous and exciting peek into the master distiller's world. To produce it, Benromach took the unorthodox step of aging its signature Speyside whisky two ways: one, in air-dried virgin oak barrels; the other, in virgin oak casks that were dried in the kiln. 

Our Tasting Notes: To an untrained observer, aging the whisky in two different (but similar-seeming) barrels might sound like a relatively minor decision, unlikely to result in a satisfying pay-off for the drinker. In fact, though, the differences are striking, and the team at Benromach knows that the fun here is in settling in for a long comparative tasting with friends and swapping notes. We won't spoil the surprises that await, except to say that we were impressed by the tropical-but-not-cloying nose on these, the way the two bottles accentuate and also play against the smoke, the finishes that carry forth the complexity of the mid-palate, and, not least, the marvelously long legs in the glass.

ABV: 46% (92 proof). 

Fun Fact: Benromach and Ben Nevis remain in the distinct minority among Scotch malt whisky distilleries for using brewer's yeast for their whiskies, which lends decidedly more character to the dram than distiller's yeast (but results, alas, in lower yield). 

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