'Tis the season for rosé, and this is one — a gorgeous and eminently drinkable one, at that — to keep on hand for all your many and varied needs.

Not all rosés are created equal, as we all know, and that's doubly true in the case of Attems Pinot Grigio Ramato, the charmingly delicious creation of the legendary Frescobaldi family, maker of some of the finest wines in all of Italy.

Produced the way Pinot Grigio is traditionally made in Venice — that is to say, hewing to a process that ensures slight contact with the skins of the grapes before pressing and fermenting — it boasts a distinctive, almost coppery hue that gives you your first indication of the taste to come: an aromatic rosé that opens up gorgeously into a rich and full-bodied expression.

This 2021 release is a recent arrival in the U.S. market, and after a taste test that impressed and delighted us, we rushed to secure an allocation. At a best price of less than $16 a bottle — yep, you read that right — this is inarguably one of the greatest deals out there in the wine world right now.

You might not expect pedigree and precision when you're shelling out so little, but that's the beauty of Attems.

Situated between Collio and the Isonzo river, not far from the Adriatic, its vineyards are blessed with near-perfect conditions, from the enviably complex soils — of marl, sandstone, and well-drained silt — to the drastic drops in temperature from day to night. 

What has ten hours of skin contact wrought?

Not just a distinctive color — the word "ramato," by the way, is an homage to the ancient Republic of Venice, where old merchant documents used it to pinpoint the curious coloration of the region's Pinot Grigio. It also results in a vivid bouquet — principally, of peach and broom flower, but also with a touch of Morello cherry. On the palate, you'll find it to be a remarkably focused expression, with excellent balance and dynamic range. The finish is as vibrant as the nose, marked by gorgeous notes of gooseberry and citrus zest.

We're able to offer it, at Concierge Family pricing, for the next week only, so stock up now!




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