Diehard whisky collectors and peaty scotch fans, today is your day! You may have heard whispers on whisky forums over the past few months about Ardbeg’s upcoming limited Committee Release—Ardbeg ‘Arrrrrrrdbeg’ has finally arrived and we are thrilled to be able to offer our Concierge customers first access! Ardbeg ranks second out of all distilleries on the Rare Whisky 101 Collectors Index and these limited-release bottlings (often offered exclusively to Ardbeg Committee members) are some of the rarest and most anticipated of all. ‘Arrrrrrrdbeg’ is a toast to Ardbeg’s longtime distillery manager Mickey Heads, who retired this year; the whisky is “a treasure fit for even the saltiest of seadogs” (Ardbeg Distillery). These ultra-rare, high-proof Committee Releases have become famous (perhaps infamous?) for barely having time to hit the shelves before they’ve disappeared, so we feel fortunate today to have secured some of this highly sought-after limited edition for our Concierge customers. 


100% matured in ex-Rye casks, ‘Arrrrrrrdbeg’ clocks in at 51.8% ABV and bursts onto the scene with a fireworks show of aromas and flavors, dancing between smoked toffee, roasted nuts, vanilla, spicy rye, pear, melon, and banana. In typical Ardbeg fashion, it’s incredibly intense and spicy, but still finds that perfect balance that keeps you wanting another sip. Ardbeg Master Distiller Dr. Bill Lumsden—multi-time winner of prestigious ‘Master Distiller of the Year’ titles—remains in a class all his own for his ability to craft intensely and unapologetically peaty, bold whisky that remains multidimensional. Whisky collectors, act now to secure your bottles before we sell out!



*Offer NOT valid in-store. This offer is made pre-arrival, with wines estimated to be delivered to your preferred store in Spring 2021. All sale prices are the lowest available at Total Wine & More and ONLY valid through Concierge Sales. No further discounts or coupons may be applied. Offer only valid in AZ, CA, CT, DE, FL, MD, NJ, NV, SC, TX, and WA. This offer is for ONE WEEK, or until sold out, and will expire on Wednesday, January 27, 2021.