Why Buy: For the first time ever, classic, peaty Ardbeg has been wed to the sweetness of Madeira wine casks. The result? An entirely new "cask species" — a transformative spirit experience unlike anything Ardbeggians have tasted before. This Unicorn’s Tale 14 Year Old single malt, the second in the Ardbeg Anthology series, is a rare and groundbreaking release, and could only have come from the mind of Bill ("Dr. Bill") Lumsden, the mad scientist behind some of the world's most coveted whiskies.

The Story: As Glenmorangie and Ardbeg's Director of Distilling and Whisky Creation, the legendary and eccentric Dr. Bill Lumsden has amassed a staggering array of awards and accolades — including the remarkable feat of being the only person ever named Master Distiller of the Year four times. Possessing a "low boredom threshold" and a penchant for restlessness, Dr. Bill has conjured some of the most avant-garde and coveted single malt releases in recent memory. From pioneering the ultra-acclaimed Signet lineup to resurrecting cult classics like Ardbeg's almost mythical Supernova, Lumsden's innovative spirit has earned him the moniker "The Willy Wonka of Whisky." With the Unicorn's Tale, as with everything else the madcap master comes up, his loyal army of Ardbeggians are certain to find themselves asking not just “how does he do it?” but also “when can he do it again?”

The Bottling: This Unicorn's Tale is a marvelous contradiction in a bottle. Distinct and decidedly un-tame, it spent over a decade vatting in a bespoke blend of deeply charred ex-Ardbeg bourbon casks and the aforementioned ex-Madeira wine casks.

Our Tasting Notes: See that pure gold color? That’s your first hint of the riches that await. The nose delivers the expected peat campfire and sea spray aromas — the Ardbeg signature — but underneath and around these notes you’ll pick up on hints of lush tropical fruit, sweet banana bread, treacle, and cedarwood smoke. On the palate, a bright lime and peach entry leads to rich smoked fruit, creamy barley, medicinal peat smoke, anise, and baking spices, all in a complex and wonderful interplay. The long finish see-saws between lingering tropical notes and dry, heathery peat smoke laced with buttered toffee. It's an ingenious balance of delicate and muscular, sweet and smoky — and yet another testament to Dr. Bill's whisky wizardry.

ABV: 92 proof (46% ABV)

Fun Fact: The story goes that, while developing the legendary Ardbeg Supernova in the early 2000s, Dr. Bill "turbocharged" its peat levels to such heretofore unseen heights that it briefly reached ill-advisable "radioactive" status — prompting a round of concerned testing before its ultimate release.

Our Guarantee: As with all our offerings, we only source direct from the distillery. Your bottles will arrive in pristine condition, ready for your cellar—or your glass.


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