As one of the most coveted bottles on the bourbon market, Angel's Envy surely didn't need a new product line to endear it to an already-rapt audience. But toward the end of 2020 the company finally heeded the calls from fans to launch a single barrel program for its superlative port-finished bourbons, and almost overnight one of the most highly sought-after bourbons in the industry became one of the most buzzed-about brands in the entire world of spirits.

Never one to miss out on a good thing, we leapt at the chance to secure a barrel from this supernova of the bourbon scene — a Private Selection Single Barrel — and are thrilled to be able to share the delicious results with our Concierge Family for a one-time, week-only price of $89.97 a bottle!

Kyle Henderson, Angel Envy's head of production, has explained the program this way: “We’ll basically do whatever you want. So if [you] want cask strength, we’ll do that. We’ll work with our customers for what’s best for them and what’s the best profile for the whiskey as well.”

The lone constant in the single barrel program is that the Master Distiller begins with Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, and ages it for up to 6 years in oak.

From there, Angel Envy transfers the contents to ruby port barrels (made from French oak and imported directly from Portugal) for an additional 3-6 months, imbuing the bourbon with a subtle but unmistakably vinous character. While a standard bottle of Angel’s Envy comes in at 86 proof, this Private Selection Single Barrel is bottled at between 100-110 proof

The result is a bourbon of rich and almost creamy decadence, and a wonderfully inexpensive alternative to Angel Envy's yearly, limited Cask Strength release.

Each private selection barrel has a distinctly unique palate, and what drew us to this particular barrel were the notes of vanilla, ripe fruit, maple syrup, toast, bitters, and chocolate.

The finishing process has only enhanced these qualities, softening them and bringing them into a gorgeous coherence.

This is one of the most distinct expressions in the marketplace — a finished, single barrel bourbon bottled at high ABV, and from one of the most sought-after makers in the industry today.

Make it yours today!


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