Why Buy: These single malts from the Scottish Highlands don't just come with alluring age statements — a 35 Year and a 50 Year, courtesy of the cask-hunting independent bottler Alexander Murray — they're also exceptional values, coming in at a massive fraction of the cost when set alongside comparably aged bottles in the market.

Specs: The 35 Year Rare Blend brings together single malts and single grain whisky, all of which were matured in ex-bourbon casks; the 50 Year Celebration Malt aged in American white oak.

The Story: Scotsman Steve Lipp runs Alexander Murray with the passion of a start-up and the attention to detail of a veteran copyeditor. It's this ethos that has turned this merchant and independent bottler — at 17 years old, a mere infant compared to some — into one of the most trusted names in the business, and a dependable source of compellingly collectible, high-quality single malts. Its relative youth belies its old-school values — honoring tradition, taking no shortcuts, valuing every step in a long and methodical process. At the same time, Alexander Murray has espoused the belief that good Scotch should be approachable and accessible, and has made it a priority to put its product into the hands, not of a select class of elites, but rather of a wider, more varied group of enthusiasts — who are passionate about quality, but who are also mindful of their wallets.

Our Tasting Notes: 

* The 35 Year opens with evocative, comforting notes: malted milk, apple pie, sweetened porridge. On the palate, those initial notes deepen, and darken, as hints of ground coffee, sweet oak, and fennel emerge, with a wonderful hint in the background of enlivening citrus. The long, graceful finish leaves you to ponder all the many layers that built up over 35 years.

* You don't even have to put your nose into the glass to experience the aromas of the 50 Year; 
they're in the air all around you, a rich and complex cologne that is driven by notes of wood, coconut, toffee, and caramel. The mouthfeel delivers more of the same. This is a whisky that sat maturing for 50 years in a warehouse in Scotland, and it shows. The flavors (vanilla, fudge, toffee) are deep and developed, and we loved the trailing hint of orange peel. The finish will put you in mind of figs, and sends you off on a long and delicately sweet note.


Fun Fact: In the early days of Lipp's business, according to The Whiskey Wash, he donned a kilt and went down to the Chamber of Commerce in Calabasas, California. The wardrobe choice proved fortuitous: he met a woman who ended up introducing him to her friend, who was the whiskey buyer at a large supermarket.

ABV: Both are 40% (80 proof).

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so you can be confident that your whiskies will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Don't hesitate to secure yours today!


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