If you scan the field, you know that a 23-year whisky matured in ex-bourbon barrels can command upwards of $250 on the market, and most likely a lot more than that.

Well, guess what? Today we bring you news of a bottling with those exact specs — and from a Speyside producer, to boot — for less than … wait for it … $130!

That Speyside producer is no less than Glen Grant, which the renowned independent bottler, Alexander Murray & Co., has expertly selected from barrels going back to the mid-90s.

If you know your Scotches, then you know that the Glen Grant signature is young, light, and even delicate whiskies, often with a characteristic note of cut apple. This appealing freshness has endeared it to the Italians, who have made Glen Grant the most popular whisky brand in the country, in no small part because of its ease of drinking and immense versatility.

We love it, too, and have long been fans of Master Distiller Dennis Malcolm and his team.

With this expression, Malcolm has dipped back into reserves from 1995, and as you’ll see, the results are gorgeous.

The long aging has only enhanced the delicacy and softness that Malcolm — who was born in the distillery, and went to work for Glen Grant in 1961, when he was only 15 — has made his calling card.

Malcolm will tell you that the lightness of these whiskeys is attributable mainly to the shape of his stills, whose nearly-square boil bulbs (reminiscent of a WWII German soldier’s helmet) significantly increase the copper surface. They are also fitted with purifying chambers in the lyne arm. These act as a kind of pre-condenser, refluxing back heavy elements, which are carried down a purifier pipe into the body of the still.

These days, the ex-sherry casks that for many years defined the house are gone; Malcolm favors ex-bourbon casks and refill casks, the better to enhance the flavors.

That light refreshment was evident immediately in our tastings, with a fragrance of green apple and lemon peel all but leaping out of the glass. That note gave way to peach and other orchard fruits, and, eventually, into rich vanilla pods and oak.

It's one of the most unique expressions on the market, for the simple fact that there aren't many whiskeys you can drink as an aperitif or a digestif, as well as a by-the-fire sipper.

In that sense, as in so many other aesthetic fields, the Italians have it right.

But basta, enough of my words for the time being, and rapidamente, order yours now if you want to ensure some delightful days and nights amid the dark and cold.


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