Of all the master distillers to try their hand at cask finishes over the past couple of years, none has been more creative, or more successful, than Stephanie Macleod at the great and enduring Aberfeldy.

A legit rock star in the industry — she was twice named "Master Blender of the Year" by Whisky Magazine — Macleod has seized upon the relaxing of restrictions on Scotch producers to turn Aberfeldy's reserve of aged whiskies into unforgettably complex statements that have collectors around the globe scurrying to snap up any and all available bottles.

Her latest effort is surely among her best, and if you're a fan of red wine finishes, then this is one you absolutely don't want to miss. 

Rarely have we seen a wine or spirit finish so exceed its advertised promise, bringing the whisky an un-pin-downable (but also unmistakable) depth, subtlety, and dimension.

For this limited expression, Macleod has taken a reserve of Aberfeldy 15 Year Old single malt and finished it in Cabernet Sauvignon wine casks from Napa Valley. 

A simple pairing, as these things go, but an inspired one.

We all know that Aberfeldy is "the golden dram," so called for its characteristic color and honeyed taste, and what the Cabernet wine casks do is to accentuate that signature quality while also softening it and enhancing it, rounding out the taste with rich, soft notes of fruit and wood. 

You'll love the nose, fragrant with notes of raspberry jam and violets, and also the way it opens out on the palate into hints of cinnamon and freshly-ground espresso beans.

This venerated Highlands distillery remains a model for the industry, most of all in the way it balances tradition and innovation. Having received more than 150 gold accolades for its range, and endeared itself to a new generation of drinkers with its smooth, easy-going character, it continues to look to the future.

And in the relentless quest to find new ways to showcase its slow and exquisitely-crafted whiskies, Macleod and company are crafting some of the best and most thrilling expressions they ever have. 

We can't wait for you to settle in with this one, relaxing for hours in the company of friends and family, and luxuriating in something rare, beautiful, and delicious.

Get yours now!


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