Why Buy: Aberfeldy's honeyed smoothness is what earned it the nickname "the golden dram," and this latest, limited-edition release – finished in Cadillac white wine casks – is an intensification of that signature trait: a more goldeny golden dram, if you will, that takes a single malt we thought we already knew and shows it to us in a new way, with all sorts of intricacies and nuances.

The Story: Aberfeldy's Malt Master Stephanie MacLeod is among the most decorated names in the industry. In 2018, Whisky Magazine named her "Master Blender of the Year, and, for five consecutive years, beginning in 2019, the International Whisky Competition conferred the same honor upon her. For this limited edition bottling, we are witness to her extraordinary skill at blending and her deep sensitivity when it comes to secondary maturation and flavor development.

This Bottling: Aberfeldy is known far and wide as "the golden dram" for its smooth, seamless weave of honey, citrus, vanilla, and spice. MacLeod's goal, with this bottling, was to retain its familiar, easy-drinking character, while at the same time finding new dimensions of expression. After treating Aberfeldy's 15 Year single malt to an initial maturation in a mix of refill barrels and refill hogsheads, MacLeod turned to Cadillac white wine casks from France to finish it. In previous releases, she had explored other types of wine casks and their influence, all of them red wines – most recently, and memorably, Napa Cabernet casks to finish both Aberfeldy's 15 Year and its 18 Year. Here, the preponderance of yellow fruits (in contrast to the deep red fruit character that red wine casks bring), works a different kind of magic, teasing out the inherent delicacy of the 15 Year.

Our Tasting Notes: The influence of the cask is undeniable. White wine casks bestow more floral notes and citrus, and we see that here from the start, in the light and alluring spray of aromatics. What we also see, and what charms, is the sense of balance and freshness that it brings. On the palate, that floral delicacy continues, and the citrus notes are amplified by orange zest and hints of ripe peaches and nectarines, along with a gentle whisper of creamy toffee. It finishes softly, with a lingering trace of cinnamon and spice. 

Fun Fact: "The golden dram" is not just a lyrical sobriquet intended to pay homage to the color and character of the whisky – Aberfeldy's water source, Pitilie Burn, is full of minerals, one of which is said to be, yes, gold.

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so rest assured: your single malt will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Secure your order today!


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