Why Buy: In a world of growing commercialization in the world of spirits, Master Blender Dixon Dedman's passionate, hands-on approach to bourbon-making is glorious music to our ears. You can taste that singular, small-batch spirit in this, the premiere offering of his 2XO label — a high-proof, robust bourbon and rye blend that it underwent not one but two barrel maturations, both in new charred oak. If you're serious about your bourbon, you'll be in heaven. If you're just starting on your bourbon journey, well, let's just say you're about to be spoiled for life.

What They're Saying: The Tasting Table hailed Dedman as one of those "adventurers" in the world of craft spirits "who make something greater than its parts."

The Story: Dedman has shot to the top ranks of American whiskey blenders, thanks not just to his ambition and daring, but to his keen palate and industry smarts. He's been in the hospitality business, in one way or another, since he was a kid; he literally grew up in his family's much-beloved Beaumont Inn, in Harrodsburg, Kentucky — winner, in 2015, of a James Beard Award. Among the things he learned was an attention to detail that separates the great from the merely good. This bottling exemplifies his approach at 2XO. The barrels, selected from his double-barreled stocks of high rye bourbon mash, were not blended before bottling, and spent 6 to 8 years in new charred oak to deepen their already rich, sophisticated flavors. Dedman doesn't depend on a team to supply him notes on the all-but-final product before releasing it to the public: just his lonesome. Many spirits producers tout their love of time-honored methods, but this is true throwback — a commitment to riding entirely on one man's personal taste — and one we'd sure love to see more of.

Our Tasting Notes: Two Times Oak (“2XO”) is a blending process Dixon pioneered, in which he re-barrels his hand-selected aged whiskey into new charred oak barrels. The result? Intense wood notes and extraordinarily rich, layered flavors — and a major step up in complexity if you're accustomed to the simpler, straightforward expressions of the so-called Three B's (Baker's, Booker's, Basil Hayden).

Proof: 108.

Fun Fact: Dedman's great-great grandfather, Charles Mortimer Dedman, launched Kentucky Owl in 1879. The bourbon maker operated until prohibition went into effect in 1916, at which point the government seized an estimated 250,000 gallons of bourbon. Dixon Dedman revived the company in 2014 before selling it in 2017.

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so you can be confident that your bourbon will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Don't hesitate to secure yours today!


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