As the only Armagnac house to be awarded the highly esteemed “World-Class Distillery” distinction by World Spirits Award – now 10 years in a row as of this year – Chateau de Laubade is considered the premier property of the region whose demand has reached extraordinary heights, rivaling the iconic houses of Cognac as well as any premium aged-spirit brand. And with over 120 medals awarded at the most prestigious competitions in the world, it’s no surprise that some of their most coveted bottlings, especially their vintage selections, are getting harder to find and secure. By working directly with the estate, we were lucky enough to acquire an allocation of their legendary 40-year-old 1979 Bas-Armagnac for you today, a must-have treat for any spirit connoisseur’s collection or celebration of a momentous anniversary. 

For those unfamiliar with Armagnac, it is easily the closest spirit to wine, especially as vintage, terroir, varietal composition and barrel maturation all play an essential roll. Armagnac is France’s first brandy, predating Cognac by 200 years, and is renowned for its single distillation process maintaining the flavors and characteristics of its terroir, making Armagnac an epicurean pleasure. While Cognac is known for its polish and consistency, Armagnac celebrates the vintage and terroir nuances, bringing to the forefront massive complexity and character. And whereas Cognac covers over 1 million hectares of land, Armagnac has been kept to a mere 16,000. Divided into three smaller regions including Bas-Armagnac, considered the noblest area of the appellation producing its most powerful styles, it’s the singularity of Armagnac’s best expressions that keep those in the know always on the hunt.

The revered Chateau de Laubade comes from a single vineyard of 105 hectares located in Sorbets d’Armagnac, the heart of Bas-Armagnac. Built in 1870, the estate is now owned by the Lesgourgues family, who has been running the property since 1974. It was in 1974 that their custom-made copper still was introduced to distill all their brandies. Using all four traditional varieties of grapes, including Ugni Blanc, Baco 22A, Colombard and Folle Blache, it is the Baco that gives a real identity to the best Bas-Armagnac and its capacity to age while in contact with oak. As for the oak itself, Chateau de Laubade is the only house coopering its own casks, using trees from the surrounding forests in Gascony. 

Although the 1979 Bas-Armagnac is ideal for any anniversary – whether it’s a wedding, graduation or birth year – this is an outstanding vintage for any occasion that Wine Enthusiast just awarded 95-Points in December. Aged for over 30 years in barrel, the 1979 packs a plethora of complex notes, including maple, baking spices, roasted almonds, cacao and dried cherries. An ideal addition to any collection, we suggest securing your orders quickly, as our limited allocation at 15% off will be snapped up.




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